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3 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Paint Job

If you are considering sprucing up the exterior of your vehicle with a refreshing auto paint job, there are quite a few things to consider. Doing a full body paint job for your vehicle can be a time-consuming, expensive task, and generally should only be attempted by professionals, as even the tiniest mistake can be permanent. Before you decide to have a professional auto body and paint shop like Premier Coach Works paint your vehicle, ask yourself the following questions:

Is it worth it?

Before making the decision to get an auto paint job for your car, check to see if the value of the vehicle merits the expense. If repainting the car will cost more than 25 percent of what it is worth, then it might be best to skip it. After you determine the value of the car, Premier Coach Works can provide a quote that will estimate the cost of a good paint job. Newer vehicles, classic cars and used vehicles with very low mileage typically benefit most from a good car paint job. If you are looking to customize a business or racing vehicle with important information, a paint job for a car is generally a solid investment as well.

Which color should the vehicle be?

In most cases, it’s cheaper and easier to stick with your vehicle’s existing color. Unless the car’s original color was terribly ugly, a recolor will not likely add much value to your vehicle. There are always exceptions to the rule, of course. Maybe you’re tired of the old color and just want something new. Maybe you’re planning on selling the car and think a new color will make it easier to sell. Whatever the reason, if you decide to change colors, keep in mind that there will be many extra areas that will need to be painted. This includes areas that are normally hidden from sight, such as the interior of the trunk, the engine compartment, the door jambs, and more.

Where should I go for a paint job?

When it comes to choosing the materials that will be used to prepare and paint the vehicle, there is no limit to options. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, so if you take your vehicle to a rundown discount paint shop, you can expect a rundown discount paint job. Here are the qualities to look for in a professional auto body paint service in order to get the most for your money.

Shops that place prep work as a priority will provide a much higher-caliber finished product. Prep takes up the most time, which is why some car paint repair shops skimp in this area. Good auto paint job shops typically spend about 10 hours preparing a vehicle for every one hour they spend painting it.

During the prepping phase, the shop will dismantle and sand the body of the vehicle. A great painter will sand the vehicle over and over again to get the surface to look and feel as smooth as the day the car first rolled off the assembly line and into the dealership. Alternatively, the shop may use a chemical stripper that removes the paint but leaves the undercoating intact. This cuts down on the time needed to sand the car, as the only areas that will need to be attended to are the hood, roof and trunk.

A good shop will also remove parts that could disrupt the paint surface, such as the bumper, taillights, and turn signals. In contrast, low-quality shops will simply tape up those areas to avoid splashing paint on them. The end result of a poor paint job is a perceivable line between the painted and unpainted parts, as well as a rough or uneven surface and eventually peeling paint.

After preparing the vehicle for painting, good shops will begin to paint the vehicle in a special paint booth that consists of fans, heat lamps and paint guns. All dents will be removed, and over 20 layers of paint will be applied, including the primer and clear coat. The end result is a shiny and thoroughly painted vehicle that looks as if it was brand new.

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Taking Care of Your New Car Paint Job

After your car has been painted, you will want to take great care of its new look.

Auto paint job professionals recommend the following:

  • Hold off on the wax job. Wait at least 90 days before waxing your car, as this will give the paint time to properly cure. Once the waiting period has passed, use a non-abrasive wax or polish made just for cars to give it maximum protection.
  • Park to avoid damage. Although it can be nice to park in the shade under a tree, that’s where your new car paint job is most likely to get hit with tree sap, bird droppings or other highly abrasive materials. Instead, park under covered structures so you can avoid these dangers. Also, don’t squeeze into tight parking spots where someone could inadvertently give you a big ding or door scratch, and don’t leave your car out in the hot sun for several days in a row.
  • Avoid commercial car washes for one month. Although they provide a quick and easy way to wash your car, commercial car washes can damage new auto paint. Instead, gently hand wash with mild soap to safely keep your car clean. Before washing, be sure to rinse off all dirt and debris sticking to the car’s surface. Otherwise, it could scratch the new paint.
  • Wash regularly. Once you have applied a coat of wax, wash your car on a regular basis to keep it looking good. Use towels made of cotton, chamois or other soft materials to avoid scratching while drying. Also, never use the hood or roof of your car as a resting place for keys, grocery bags or other items that can easily scratch the paint.


Premier Coach Works provides custom paint jobs performed by skilled artisans with a long history of custom automotive painting experience. We can do any custom paint job, as wild or simple as you request, and it will always be done on time with a close attention to detail. We strive for artistic perfection when it comes to our custom car paint jobs, which we can perform on vehicles ranging from small cars to RVs, motorhomes, semi-trucks and much more.

We also provide a full array of car paint shop repair services, ranging from peeling repair and scratch/decal removal to computerized paint matching, high-luster finishing, bumper scratch repair and more.

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