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rv maintenance, 3 Reasons To Avoid Repair at Any Old Typical RV Maintenance Shop

3 Reasons To Avoid Repair at Any Old Typical RV Maintenance Shop

No matter how well you take care of your RV, there will come a time when you will need to call in an expert for RV maintenance. For some, this time comes often, while others wait until a serious accident or malfunction forces them that way. But no matter what end you find yourself on this spectrum, the important thing is finding the right maintenance shop to go to when you need it.

Here are a look at some common and frustrating problems you might encounter with less tailored and experienced RV shops if you don’t do your due diligence. All are reasons to avoid that shop and choose a more qualified one like Premier Coach Works:

3 Reasons To Avoid an RV Maintenance Shop

  1. Poor customer service. RV dealerships tend to be notorious for this, as it seems that many, after selling someone an RV, don’t feel burdened to keep that person as a solid customer. So if you’re feeling frustrated about how the mechanics at the dealer where you bought your RV are treating your vehicle, go somewhere else. Standalone RV maintenance and auto body shops like ours know the value of happy, repeat customers and are proud of our stellar customer service reputation.
  2. Always need to order parts. Yes, RVs are specialized vehicles that require unique parts. However, you will know a good RV shop when they are always fast to say they have common RV parts on hand. A shop that always seems to have to order your parts and those parts get delayed en route, ought to be avoided in the future.
  3. Inexperienced mechanics. RVs are not just your average car or truck. These are sophisticated machines that serve as a family’s home, vacation suite, and transportation form. You don’t want somebody who doesn’t know how to diagnose and repair them. Here at Premier Coach Works, some of our mechanics have decades of experience specifically working on RVs. This is our specialty; our expertise. So when you’re ready for the best work, come talk to us.

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