Best RV blogs

5 Best RV Blogs You Might Not Be Reading

With so many RV-related blogs on the web, there are plenty of resources for the road warriors out there. Whether looking for travel advice or just interested in hearing stories from other folks on the open road, there is an RV blog for everyone.

Since there are so many options out there, Premier Coach Works has put together a short list of RV blogs we think you should bookmark. These can bring you new travel ideas, give you a chance to meet other RVers, and provide tips and tricks for making the most of an RV lifestyle. Take a look at the list below to see the best RV blogs you might not be reading.

Views from the Open Road

In their second time around as full-time RVers, Bill and Cathy have some interesting experiences out on the open road. Along with plenty of pictures to document their travels, the couple writes about their experiences as they move through the Southwest and West Coast areas. They also offer advice for living on the road and ways to make it work financially while still having fun.

Chappy Trails

Jim and Bobby are self-proclaimed “full-time RVers from Colorado traveling the country.” The posts in their RV blog provide education about the places they visit and give readers a look into their daily lives on the road. Written diary-style with personal pictures, the blog gives you the feeling you are there with the couple as they explore the United States.

America by RV

The couple behind this blog, Darren and Joyce, are touring America full-time, seeing the sights and documenting their travels. Complete with a map showing everywhere they have visited, the America by RV blog follows the couple across the country while providing useful information for other campers. Along with reviews for campgrounds they have stayed at, Darren and Joyce give weather insights and RV-park information so other travelers to the same spots know where to go and when.

Travels with Emma

This charming blog is an account of the adventures of RVer Judith and her dog, Emma. Readers get a glimpse into Judith’s day-to-day experiences on her rig, including her encounters with different wildlife species, plant life and climates. As she travels around the states, she shares magnificent photos of things she encounters along her way.

The last RV blog on our list claims to be “the official blog of the open road.” More like a compilation of blog posts from different authors, this website covers everything from entertainment to GPS, safety and communication technology. This is also a great source for details on RV shows and events that may be happening nearby and offers visitors a daily RV deal. To make keeping up with this blog easy, you can sign up for the RSS feed or an email subscription.