Cool RV gadgets

5 Best RV Gadgets for Your Home on Wheels

A trip in your trusty RV can mean exciting adventures, but it may not come with all of the luxuries of home. Fortunately, new RV technology trends have led to the creation and development of cool gadgets or add-ons that can enhance your ride. Not everything in your house can come on the road with you, but these RV gadgets can simplify and make your travels more entertaining.

Below are Premier Coach Works’ top seven RV gadgets and RV technologies for your home away from home.

Exterior TVs

RV exterior TV

Some RVs come with exterior TVs, making it easy for campers or tailgaters to enjoy their favorite shows while taking in the outdoors. Sometimes the TV is attached to the outside and is protected by an outer screen that doubles as a sun shade. Other setups can include a drawer-like feature that holds the TV – it slides out during use and stows away within the side of the vehicle to protect it while in motion. If your RV didn’t come complete with this RV technology, an RV body shop can install a TV so you can enjoy this feature without having to purchase a new camper.

Keypad Entry

RV keypad entry

Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your RV while carrying things in and out of the door? Do you like to go hiking, but don’t enjoy the jingling of keys in your pocket? Keyless entry keypads can be installed on RVs nowadays so users can unlock the RV door with a few buttons. These cool RV gadgets make stays at campsites and RV parks more convenient, hassle-free and safe.

Beer-Holder Hoodie

Beer holder hoodie

This RV accessory isn’t so much a gadget, but it is one of the coolest pieces of clothing an RVer can own. For the nights by the campfire when you want to sit and enjoy a beer, this hoodie keeps your hands warm by offering a front pocket to hold your beer for you. This keeps your hands off of the icy brew, giving you the freedom to make s’mores or warm your hands by the fire without dropping your drink. The company that makes these handy sidekicks offer a variety of sweatshirt styles, so you can find one that really represents you. Bring your favorite beer-holder hoodie on your next trip on the road.

12-Volt Travel Grill

Travel grill

Everyone loves to BBQ with friends and family, but grilling up a juicy burger isn’t always possible when you spend your life on wheels. Bringing along a portable grill in your RV can be a hassle, as it takes up room and requires storing fuel or charcoal in your vehicle. Fortunately for RV owners, there are several travel grills on the market that can be powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. These RV gadgets are small, convenient and make it easy to enjoy your favorite foods anywhere.

Outlet Speakers

Outlet speakers

Whether enjoying a little background music while driving or providing a soundtrack for your campsite, outlet speakers are great for music on the road. They remove the hassles of wiring and take up less space within the RV because they sit directly on an outlet. These RV gadgets can work with radios, phones or mp3 players and are available in different sizes.