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6 RV Conveniences You Need Now

Premier Coach Works loves it when the snowbirds come to town. They are so full of life and travel stories! Most snow birds travel with an RV, and as a RV repair shop in the Phoenix area, we want to show off some great RV conveniences that will make next travel season even more memorable!
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RV resource guide, Everything About RVing, strongly recommends that anyone pulling a trailer, fifth wheeler or fold down mobile home should invest in a RV hitch designed for weight distribution. Putting all the pressure on the ball hitch can lead to tongue heavy towing, making it difficult to turn or tow uphill. If you are not mechanically savvy, our RV body shop can help you install this type of hitch.


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MiFi, mobile broadband internet service, comes in a variety of packages, but if you’re looking for the best service and options, we have few handy guides you might find helpful. We recently wrote a guide to accessing television and the internet on the road for RV Insight. This is a good read if you’re researching the best internet options for your RV. In it, we also reference a guide from Do It Yourself RV that breaks down the best internet option based on your travel lifestyle. Gone with the Wynns also shares some RV travel trade secrets for getting “free” WiFi.


Dash cameras can help you capture the sights of the scenery and relive your favorite spots during your down time away from the driver’s seat. These cameras can also provide evidence in the event of an accident or traffic citation.


Don’t you just hate it when you arrive at an RV campground, and there’s a water spigot but no way to hook into it? Well, full-time RVer, Emily Fagan, has a solution. She recommends the Water Bandit. She also has a full list of great full-time RV tips that are worth taking time to read!

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Your RV battery can only last so long. Why not soak up the sun and absorb some of its energy to help preserve the life of your RV battery? There are many DIY options to consider. If you’d like to hook up solar panels to the roof of your motorhome, come visit our motorhome body shop near Phoenix, AZ for a professional installation!


If investing in a solar power system is too expensive, you can also generate electricity with a portable generator. Fifth-wheel travelers can just haul the generator in the back of the truck bed. Otherwise, you will need to visit an RV shop to learn which portable generators can fit within the storage areas of your motorhome.


There’s nothing worse than uncovering your motorhome to find that mice or other annoying pests have invaded your home-away-from-home. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your RV free from pests both on and off the road.

The general consensus for mice prevention is to use screens to seal the RV and place dryer sheets, cotton balls covered in peppermint oil or the urine of predatory animals (like coyotes), or scented men’s soap, such as Irish Spring, in hidden corners where mice naturally gather. These act as repellants to keep mice from finding places to hide in the RV.

To keep insects away, sanitize your counter space frequently, so ants and other nectar seeking insects will not be drawn to your kitchen or bathroom areas. Use fans or misting fans to deter flies from entering your doorway or open windows. Certain scents in essential oils can also deter insects of all kinds. For example, lavender essential oil can keep the biting mosquitoes at bay. Here’s an example of DIY bug repellant solution you can create with essential oils. DoTERRA also includes this handy guide of which essential oils will repel certain insects.

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Embracing the RV lifestyle is very rewarding and comes with its own challenges. Learn from others’ mistakes by checking out the blogs we mentioned above, and don’t forget to laugh even when you encounter your own RV snafus.

If your RV should ever be damaged from a vehicular collision or weather-related reason, try Premier Coach Works, a Phoenix auto body and paint shop specializing in RV repair and restoration. We are located just west of Phoenix and welcome snowbirds and other full or part-time RVers to come share your travel stories with us! You can get a free quote here or call 623.935.6678 to schedule an appointment!