Mobile Applications for a Road Trip

7 Free Mobile Apps for Your Summer Road Trip

Planning on going on a road trip this summer? Long car rides can be boring and stressful, but they can also turn into a chance to explore new places and take part in amazing adventures. Whether you are traveling by RV or automobile, this handy guide from Premier Coach Works can help make your summer road trip a lot more fun. Please note that, even though these are apps that are designed for a road trip, this does not mean that the driver should at any point be using them while driving. Please enlist a backseat driver to operate all mobile devices while the vehicle is in motion.

Field Trip: This unique app is a guide to the world around you. It runs in the background on your phone and notifies you when you’re near something interesting, whether it’s a historical site, natural wonder or a fantastically reviewed local restaurant. Field Trip can detect when you’re driving and automatically “talk” about interesting places and experiences around you when the phone is plugged into the auxiliary port. Available only on Android and iPhone.

Roadtrippers: An app for iOS and Android, Roadtrippers is designed to give you a localized road trip feel and direct your attention to local hot spots. This is great for discovering small business, restaurants and attractions that may have evaded your notice.

RoadNinja: This sleek app can pinpoint the location of restaurants, gas stations and interesting locations near every highway exit. You can view gas prices in real-time and receive special offers and coupons for many locations that are listed. Because the program is integrated with Google Maps, you can plan a route based on amenities and locations along the way. Available for Android and iPhone.

Spotify: Are you tired of listening to “Let it Go,” that way overdone song from Disney’s Frozen, on a loop during your road trip? Free for Android and iPhone, Spotify is a great app for discovering new musical artists or simply listening to ones that the entire family can enjoy at the same time. This app is also available on Windows phones, but requires a premium subscription to use.

Waze: This app gives real-time crowd-sourced traffic information. With over 40 million users, Waze draws data from user reports to create a map that shows current traffic conditions and speed traps. Available for free to Android, iPhone and Windows phone users.

The Weather Channel: You’re probably familiar with the actual TV channel dedicated to the weather, but this app delivers forecasts and real-time weather conditions straight to your mobile device. You never know when you’ll need to batten down the hatches, as weather tends to change quickly when camping in the woods, but this handy tool can help you stay dry. Available for Windows, Android and iPhone users, as well as Blackberry.

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder Mobile App: This database of every single state park in the U.S. is perfect for anyone planning to travel by RV. You can choose activities you are interested in, such as camping, biking, boating, hiking, etc., and the app will narrow down your search to find state parks that may interest you for your next trip. You can also find scenic historic drives, national monuments, and more. Available for Android and iPhone, as well as through the mobile browser for Windows phones.

There are many more useful travel apps available for smartphones, but unfortunately too many to list here. Help us out by naming some of your favorites on our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in some of the great gadgets now available for your RV.

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