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9 Ways to Optimize Kitchen Storage in Your RV

One of the many advantages of travelling in an RV is having a kitchen while on the road. In addition to saving money by not eating in restaurants all the time, it allows you to enjoy the kinds of food you like, the way you like to prepare them. One of the challenges of cooking in an RV kitchen is the limited storage space. Here are 9 easy-to-do techniques for optimizing the storage space in your RV kitchen.

  • Install more shelving in your cabinets.

    Often, the cabinets in RV kitchens come with little or no shelving. Installing shelves, either permanent or removable, will greatly increase the amount of storage space and make it easier to organize foods, dishes and kitchen utensils by size and type. Expandable, adjustable and hanging wire shelves are especially good for creating storage space in areas that otherwise wouldn’t be used.

  • Use no-slip shelf liners.

    Cabinet contents tend to move around when the RV is on the road, which can take up more space. No-slip liners will keep them in place, thereby freeing up more storage space.

  • “Nest” your cabinet contents.

    You can free up a lot of extra space by choosing glasses, dishes and kitchenware that fit inside each other. This is especially useful with large or unusually shaped items like mixing bowls, measuring cups and strainers.

  • Use square canisters instead of round.

    Plastic canisters are great for storing flour, cereal, pasta and other dry foods, as well as utensils and cleaning materials. Using square or rectangular canisters maximizes your space by eliminating the empty space between round ones.

  • Use different sizes storage containers.

    To make the most of narrow or short cabinet space, have a variety of storage containers, including slim and small.

  • Use magnets.

    Magnets make a very handy tool for storing objects on the wall, the underside of hanging cabinets, and even inside regular storage cabinets. For example, hang a flat cutting board on the underside of an upper cabinet, or a flat knife organizer on the inside of a cabinet door.

  • Take advantage of dinette storage space.

    Dinette bench storage is often underutilized because it can be difficult to access. To make it easy to get at these items, install lightweight baskets that slide in and out of the storage space.

  • Install pantry slides and pullout shelves.

    Pantry slides improve storage efficiency by adding multiple layers of storage to each cabinet. Pullout shelves make it easier to store and access larger items like pots and pans.

  • Think outside the cabinet.

    One of the best ways to optimize RV kitchen storage space is to get creative. With the right idea, tool or product, almost any space can become an efficient storage area. For example:

    • Buy a collapsible colander that folds easily for storage
    • Install an under-cabinet paper plate dispenser
    • Hang a narrow rectangular trashcan over the inside of a cabinet door
    • Use a compact pullout spice rack to hold all your seasonings
    • Install tension rods between the counter top and underside of a cabinet to store flat items vertically
    • Add pullout drawers to the underside of your kitchen table


If you still need more kitchen space, give us a call at 623-935-6678. Our interior design specialists can do everything from installing a few more cabinets to a complete RV kitchen makeover.