RV Camper

A Pre-trip Checklist for your Vacation

This time of year, many Americans set out in RVs or towing camping trailers in hopes of enjoying a relaxing vacation. However, these vacations can easily become anything but relaxing if the drivers are not prepared for the dangers that face large vehicles on the road. One of the best ways to avoid a stressful situation while on the road to your getaway destination is to simply prepare for them ahead of time. These tips from Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Repair can help keep you safe and your RV running properly no matter where your travels take you.

  • Maintain your Vehicle: Keeping your engine running properly ought to be the number one concern of any driver, whether in an RV on the way to the mountains or in a sedan on the way to work. If you do not regularly perform your own maintenance, here are some car upkeep tips, or if you prefer, any licensed mechanic can schedule your car for its needed tune-ups.
  • Wear a Seatbelt: at all times, no exceptions. Force everyone in the vehicle to wear a seatbelt as well.
  • Prepare for Weather: Rain, fog, wind, snow and ice are scary enough when in a passenger vehicle – much more so in a large vehicle like an RV. Watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly.
  • Stay connected: Cellphone use is dangerous while driving, but you should still keep one handy in case of an emergency. Don’t rely on contact information being stored in your phone. Memorize a few emergency numbers in case you need to reach them. We also recommend letting a friend or relative know where you will be going, when you will arrive and when you will return.
  • Be Aware of Your Size: The weight and height of your RV is important, as it is with all vehicles. However, driving an RV or pulling a camp trailer demands that you know these dimensions for safety reasons. Practice driving in an open area if needed to get used to the bulk.
  • Make a List:a pre-trip checklist will not only keep you organized, it will also help manage your vehicle’s maintenance as well. Here are a few things that belong on that list:
      1. Inspect belts and hoses for cracking
      2. Test headlights, turn signals and tail lights.
      3. Inflate tires to proper pressure
      4. Secure hitching or towing equipment
      5. Clean your RV’s kitchen to negate the chance of a grease fire
      6. Store loose items in locked cabinets so they do not become projectiles
      7. Carry fire extinguishers and other first aid equipment.
      8. Put new batteries in the smoke detectors

There are few things worse than getting into an accident while on vacation. We want you to avoid an accident at all costs. If you need repairs done on your RV or automobile, contact Premier Coach Works today. We are an accredited business with the better business bureau and will work hard to make sure your vacation is as stress-free as possible. For more information on maintaining your vehicle in the summer, visit us online at www.premierbodworks.com.