Travertine Interior Design for your RV

Affordable Quality RV Interior Restoration & Repairs

As the summer comes to an end, many RV owners are returning home from long road trips to enjoy the breezy winter weather and excellent golfing conditions. As a RV body shop in the Phoenix metropolitan area, we know that recreational vehicles need some TLC after a long time spent on the road. Your secondary home is an investment you want to protect and maintain, so trust any repairs to your RV interior or exterior to a certified OEM repair shop.

Take a look at some of our RV interior restoration or refinishing projects.

RV Flooring Installation & Restoration

Whoever said travertine is only for stationary homes clearly has not seen the caliber of work that the RV interior renovation team has done for several of our customers. This particular RV had small, dated square ceramic tiles, and the carpet areas showed normal wear and tear. We removed all the original flooring, taking care to not damage cabinetry and any other stationary elements within the RV. Our team examined the subfloor to make sure there was no water damage, and they adequately prepared it wherever necessary to support the new travertine tiles.

American_Tradition_Sidewall_Repair Collage

See the above image to view how we laid down a beautiful pattern of two different types of travertine tiles for the steps and bathroom and throughout the entire kitchen and living room space. We finished off the renovation with new carpet for a flawless look. In another RV flooring renovation, we replaced factory flooring with granite for a showroom-worthy finish.

Interior and Exterior RV Repairs in Phoenix

Damage can occur during ownership of your RV, and you can see that there was significant aesthetic and structural damage to this RV slide-out’s exterior and interior. We have excellent auto body technicians experienced in restoring the RV to like-new condition. To complete the look, this client received certified RV painting services to match the original paint, and no damage is detected in the finished restoration of this slide out.

Water Damage RV Repair


Not every RV owner is able to escape the potential of water damage. Recently, we had a client that needed their entire shower unit gutted after extensive water damage went through the subfloor and started rusting the metal frame base. Our technicians for RV repair in Phoenix were able to remedy the area and reinforce new subfloor to accommodate a classy glass corner shower. Doesn’t this look beautiful?

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