Defining Auto Collisions

Auto Body Repair Shop Defines Auto Collisions

As a highly recommended collision repair shop in West Phoenix (just take a look at our reviews!), we know that every type of car accident is a terrifying and startling situation. Not only does it interrupt your day’s schedule and keep you from getting to your next destination, but impeding traffic is also embarrassing and aggravating.

Since our Phoenix roadways are bustling with increased population over the last few years, more awareness is necessary to prevent unsafe driving and handle to aftermath of an accident.

First let’s define the different types of auto collisions:

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Rear-end collision: One vehicle runs into the back of another vehicle, either one that is stopped or moving at a slower pace than the following vehicle. Depending on the severity of the speed and force, rear endings can literally be as minor as a paint scratch or as major as a complete overhaul of the rear end axle and body, not to mention the front end of the rear vehicle.

Side swipe: This is when a vehicle hits the left or right side of a vehicle. This action is common when a driver merges into a new lane without realizing another vehicle was in their blind spot. This often results in damage to the side mirrors and panels of one or both vehicles. Some paint damage is common, and auto body dents are more likely if the accident occurs under high speed conditions.

Single-vehicle collisions: Collisions involving only one driver are more common than most may realize. The types of impact vary depending on speed, direction and driver impairment, as well as the object with which the vehicle collides. A garbage can, for example, causes much less damage than a light pole. Other serious single-car accidents occur when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian or an animal. Both of these impacts can cause bodily damage, as well as damage to portions of the vehicle. Single-vehicle accidents are often head-on collisions.

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Head-on vehicle collisions: When two vehicles collide while facing each other, it is classified as a head-on collision. This is often caused by sudden overcompensation or impaired driving judgement. A common example of a head-on collision would be the case of a vehicle running a red light and driving straight into oncoming traffic.

Rollover accidents: Usually caused by force, wind, vehicle type and speed, rollover accidents occur when a vehicle is struck forcefully enough to roll onto its side. Heavy auto body damage is sustained from these types of accidents, and unbelted individuals are often ejected from the vehicle.

Knowing the type of accident is crucial for auto body repair shop technicians to assess and correct the damage. If the structure’s integrity is compromised, more complex repairs help restore the vehicle’s chassis before addressing fiberglass repairs.


If you have been involved in any type of car accident, follow these steps:

  1. Assure everyone’s safety and well-being
  2. Exchange contact information (if applicable) for the police and insurance report
  3. Contact traffic authorities for a vehicle collision incident report
  4. Contact your insurance company to begin the collision repair process
  5. Depending on severity of accident, you may also want to contact a personal injury lawyer for accident compensation if not your fault
  6. Research local auto body repair shops and get quotes
  7. Then come straight to Premier Coach Works where you’ll be completely satisfied with our excellent customer service, timely repairs and restored auto beauty



No matter where you are in Arizona, Premier Coach Works is the auto body repair shop for all types of vehicle restoration and collision repair. We work with all makes and models, but we pride ourselves on our many manufacturer factory OEM repair certifications. Don’t delay! Call Premier Coach Works today at 623.935.6678!