avondale mitsubishi team

Premier Coach Works Partners with Avondale Mitsubishi

Avondale, Arizona now has a new Mitsubishi dealership! West Phoenix residents flocked to the new dealership and drove away with some excellent deals. Their Grand Opening specials were remarkable, including the offer of buy one Mitsubishi Lancer, get one free, which is unheard of in the vehicle sales industry!

Recently, the founder of Avondale Mitsubishi contacted Premier Coach Works and asked us to come on board in a partnership as their preferred body shop vendor. This is such an honor because it validates that our work as a full service auto body shop is reputable and of high quality. It also provides us an opportunity to help out another local business!

What does this mean for you?

By becoming a body shop vendor for a local dealership, people who purchase vehicles from that dealership have the option to take their vehicle for servicing and repairs to the actual dealership’s service center or to their network of approved locations throughout their city or nearby areas.

Since the dealership is in Avondale, buyers who reside in El Mirage, Glendale or even Surprise could alternatively decide to take their vehicle to our shop with the understanding that we will provide high-quality work for them.

Another benefit for being in a dealership’s preferred network is to help consumers protect their vehicle’s warranty. We understand the importance your warranty’s coverage is to you, and taking your vehicle for servicing outside of the warranty’s provisions could render it void. The fine print protects your vehicle in allowing any necessary repairs to keep it in top running condition. The warranty is also applicable to any manufacturer recall servicing, which is definitely a hot topic these days.

Be careful customizing the vehicle since vehicle modification could be something that terminates your warranty. If you elect to do modification that adjusts the vehicle’s body or engine that is not allowable within your warranty, then you can expect some major out of pocket costs for any future repairs! You become liable for any repairs required by the manufacturer as well as to the products used in the modification because your warranty will not cover it for you.

You can trust Premier Coach Works to ensure your vehicle is handled in top care for any repairs, regardless of whether your vehicle is within a dealership’s network or not. We are certified in multiple applications necessary for any body work as well as mechanical servicing. Have more questions? Our service representatives are standing by to take your call or answer your online questions!

Premier Coach Works offers vehicle body repairs and collision repair services for all modern and classic vehicles as well as fleet vehicles! We have been serving the West Phoenix market for nearly 20 years, and our customer satisfaction rates are through the roof. Submit your request for an online quote today, or call 623.935.6678!