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Body Shop in Phoenix Focuses on RV Fiberglass Repair

If you are looking for RV collision repairs in Phoenix, AZ, we invite you to consider Premier Coach Works. Our auto technicians are experts in repairing vehicles damaged by car accidents. In fact, we are also OEM certified to repair vehicles from 14 leading auto manufacturers. Here is what you need to know about repairing fiberglass on your RV, or recreational vehicle.

What is fiberglass, and why is it on my vehicle?

Fiberglass is a composite of plastic resins with thin glass fibers that are woven together. It is also known as reinforced plastic. You can find fiberglass in a variety of items, including insulation, circuit boards for electronics and RV body shells. Automakers prefer to use fiberglass bodies for vehicles for several reasons. Since it is a lighter material, it improves fuel economy. It is also significantly cheaper than steel, which also reduces the vehicle’s overall cost.

There is an added benefit for auto repair technicians. Plastic resin bodies allows auto and RV body shops in Phoenix and other major cities to repair sections of a vehicle for a seamless look. This is ideal when you need car or RV body repairs for areas damaged by rear-ending, side swipe or head-on collisions.

Why should I go to a RV body shop for fiberglass repairs?

Repairing damaged portions of fiberglass takes incredible skill because it is a layered process. A special resin compound fills the cavity and is sanded down. The area is then prepared for paint and the gel-coat finish. While there are DIY filling compounds on the market, you run the risk of the compound not adhering to the surface and causing a larger repair problem. We train our technicians to meet these types of consumer needs. We can guarantee our work, which is something you cannot gain from a DIY repair.

How can you restore my damaged car’s paint?

Not every body shop in the Phoenix metropolitan area can boast that they are an RV paint shop, too. Premier Coach Works is different because our painters are certified by Spies Hecker and we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our refinish work.

As a leading RV paint shop for Phoenix residents, we not only can restore damaged vehicles, but we do custom paint projects too! Perhaps you want to give your Class-A, B or C RV vehicle a new look with pinstripes or tribal symbols, or perhaps you just want to touch up an existing color. Be sure to request these custom features when you request a FREE repair quote.

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Premier Coach Works offers collision repair & RV painting services drivers in or passing through Phoenix, AZ. Our auto and RV body repair shop is recommended by many local auto dealerships and major auto insurance companies. We work with your auto insurance company for timely repairs for your damaged vehicle. Request your quote online or by phone today!