RV Selection

Top Questions to Ask When Buying an RV

The weather is getting warmer, and your kids are anxious for summer to arrive. Summer in Phoenix means temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and those temps typically run rampant May through September, sometimes even into October! It’s no wonder this makes you antsy to get out of town to cooler temperatures. While the cost of fuel is down, some families continue to consider the prospect of purchasing a RV for their summer road trips. Reasons for doing so include:

  • Fewer travel fees (airplane tickets, baggage fees, rental cars, hotels, etc.)
  • Sense of ownership
  • Instant lodging
  • Ability to see a greater variety of places
  • Early retirement plans

Before you go buying a travel trailer or even a Class A, Class B or Class C RV, Premier Coach Works encourages you to be mindful of these questions as you explore your travel vehicle options.

What is Your Travel Vehicle’s Purpose?

Ask yourself about what you hope to do in this travel vehicle. Are you just looking for something that will take you from point A to point B and provide simple lodging along the way? Maybe you want some deluxe features, such as elaborate interior design, outdoor kitchen capabilities, pull out shade coverage for instant “porch” capabilities. No matter what your “selling points” are, each qualifier will impact your purchase price.

Also we recommend you to consider frequency of use. A great rule of thumb is to evaluate if the amount of times used can justify the purchase price over months or years of use.

Establish Your Budget

RVs, especially Class A, B, or C vehicles, can come with a hefty price tag. However, if you’re considering long-term residence in this vehicle, you may find it to be cheaper than renting an apartment like Heath Padgett did!

RV lifestyles are no longer for retirees. More and more are looking into these alternate forms of housing and transportation to fuel and fulfill their desires to travel and network nationwide.

What Storage Options Do You Have Available?

This question applies to both the RV’s interior as well as where the vehicle will be stored when not in use. Storage is a major concern because you need to be able to have the products and personal necessities to sustain the vehicle and yourself as you go through high and low altitudes and varieties of climates, especially on long trips.

RV vehicle storage is not easy for the everyday homeowner because many homes do not have the required property allotment for allowing the vehicle to be stored in the side yard or backyard. Research and consider the costs of storing it at a storage facility or RV park.

Does Your Current Auto Insurance Provider Offer Coverage for RV/Travel Vehicles?

Another money matters question to consider is insurance coverage. More auto insurance providers offer recreational vehicle coverage and will even offer an incentive for bundling policies, but depending on state and vehicle type, your provider may not cover your vehicle, which requires you to purchase a separate policy elsewhere, thus missing out on any potential discounts with your current provider.

There are many other considerations to evaluate if you’re looking into owning a RV. Follow Premier Coach Works’ on Google+ for more RV tips!

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