Choice Certified or Not for Auto Collision Repairs

Choice: Certified or Not for Auto Collision Repairs in Phoenix

Getting into an auto accident that heavily damages your sole mode of transportation is an emotional event. When it comes time to choose a collision repair shop in the Phoenix area, there are so many options, it sends your head spinning. Some give free quotes, while others have A+ BBB ratings. You may even find some that can only repair one part of the vehicle and must outsource to another shop for the remaining repairs. Out of all the choices in a large city like Phoenix, how do you choose the best automotive repair shop to fix your vehicle? These tips from Premier Coach Works can help you weigh the options.

How Extensive Are Your Repair Needs?

If your car was rear ended by another vehicle driving at a slow speed, you likely will only need fiberglass repairs and paint restoration. Just in case, have your vehicle evaluated for structural damage to the frame. This will detect any issues that go beyond cosmetic repairs.

Severe auto accidents generally require total auto fiberglass replacement, as well as structural frame and unibody repair. Failure to properly diagnose and repair the frame and unibody can significantly decrease the safety of the vehicle in a future collision and reduce the value of the vehicle if you decide to sell it.

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How Old is Your Vehicle?

Believe it or not, your vehicle’s age will make a difference in your insurance’s coverage of auto repairs. Insurance companies might not consider an older car worth the costs of repairs. Newer vehicles may be more expensive to repair as they contain more computer technology and more sophisticated engines.

When you are evaluating car body shops, you will come across certified and not-certified auto body repair facilities. If your vehicle is less than ten years old, do yourself a favor and go with a certified auto body shop. Certified repair shops undergo special training to gain access to original manufacture parts. They are also preferred by auto dealerships and insurance companies. The services may be more expensive, but the repairs will be under warranty. This is especially important for vehicles still under a dealership or manufacturer warranty. Talk to your local Phoenix body shop to see how they work with manufacturer warranties, and whether their work is compliant with them.

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Where to Find Specific Types of Auto Repairs?

Some auto accidents are so catastrophic that they cause fires. Repairing smoke and fire damage in a vehicle is a very arduous process. You will need to a collision repair shop that specializes in both exterior and interior repairs.

Sometimes all you need is auto paint restoration. If you are looking for an auto paint shop in the Phoenix metropolitan area, make sure the shop is PPG-certified. This certification indicates that the shop handling your paint restoration will match your original paint tone and provide quality paint and gel coat refinishing.

Other things to look for when looking for an auto repair shop include:

  • Towing from the accident site
  • Rental car options
  • Windshield replacement
  • High-quality reviews and recommendations from local dealerships

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