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Shop Delays? Causes of Common Motorhome Collision Repair, Shop Delays? Causes of Common Motorhome Collision Repair

Shop Delays? Causes of Common Motorhome Collision Repair

Being in an accident is never fun and always stressful. If you were in an accident involving your RV, then you may be under more stress as you wait for motorhome collision repair to be completed so that you can get your primary vehicle and your home back as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, while our team at Premier Coach Works prides ourselves on our reputation for fast turnover and outstanding customer service, delays do happen from time to time. If you’re frustrated that a motorhome collision repair is taking longer than normal, we understand that frustration! But we hope the following quick look at the common causes of shop delays at our shop and others will help answer questions you might have about your own delay:

Common Causes of Motorhome Collision Repair

  • Unanticipated supplementary damage. When estimates are given on any motorhome collision repair, they are done so after a thorough investigation of the damaged area. That said, there are times in which supplementary damage is found only after mechanics have removed certain top components. For example, when replacing a door panel, we may find underlying water damage that requires further repairs. Repairing this extra damage will often add more time, but better we do it now then have to pay again for disassembly and potentially worse damages later.
  • Wrong parts shipped or shipped parts that don’t correctly fit. Official OEM parts can be expensive and sometimes hard to find, depending upon your RV’s manufacturer, model, and production year. Thus, we will often use quality aftermarket parts to perform motorhome collision repair at lower costs and with more availability. However, sometimes these parts won’t line up correctly or the parts supplier shipped the wrong one altogether. In these situations, we will first consult with you but often the situation will require us to re-order different parts which means more downtime than expected.
  • Busy shop or staff shortage. Our location in Arizona means that we get a lot of RVs coming our way during the winter and cooler months. This is our busy time. That said, we try and ensure our clients such as yourselves receive the best information in regards to the timeline of their repair, but sometimes when it comes to emergency motorhome collision repair, things can go longer than normal as we try and schedule the unexpected work around established appointments. In addition to the busy months, we are like other shops in that our turnaround times depend heavily upon our staff. Thus, during the holidays, flu season, and the like, we may be down a couple of employees which will slow us down. The same is true for other motorhome collision shops, as in this industry, trained mechanics are our most valuable assets and without them, we can’t operate at peak performance.

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