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Common Painting Mistakes by New RV Owners

Nothing makes a faster transformation on an RV than a paint job. Both custom body paint on the exterior and the interior can go a long way in improving both the appearance and the value of your RV. With just a few good coats, you will often be able to sell your RV at a significantly better price than before. However, the better reason to undergo such a paint job is to feel more excited and proud of your vehicle. Here at Premier Coach Works, we offer a number of full custom body paint and decal services for motorhomes and trailers of all sizes and years. Additionally, we are always here to assist and advise on other RV projects — such as interior painting. The following is a look at some of the most common mistakes we see, mostly with interior paint but also with exterior body paint done by those without experience in custom body paint:

Common Painting Mistakes by New RV Owners & Auto Shops

  • Insufficient surface prepwork. Prepwork is never the exciting part of any job, and yet this stage can make or break the whole project. Fiberglass, wood, drywall, and other common materials inside and out of your RV need to be properly prepared for painting in order to ensure the paint adheres evenly and correctly. Start with removing anything and everything from the walls. Then you’ll want to either sand or otherwise remove the current paint or start with a good primer.
  • Read the instructions in full and use the right products for your materials. If you are going it alone on your next paint job, then be sure to read all of the instructions and suggestions for the paint and primer you’re using. Different primers and paints work on different surfaces and won’t work correctly on others. For example, if you’re trying to paint the laminate wood that makes up the cabinets and trim work of your RV, then you need to double-check to be sure you’re using a primer that will properly bond to the laminate. Most paints won’t, and too often what happens is that an RV owner paints their entire kitchen only to have to strip and sand it all over again when the paint starts peeling.
  • Don’t skimp on paintbrushes. We’ve all seen those cheap, less-than-a-dollar paintbrushes at the local hardware store. While it may be tempting to grab a couple (or a couple dozen) of these for your minor paintwork, you will always, always regret it. Cheap paintbrushes frequently result in obvious brush strokes and shed bristles that stick and dry with the paint. The same is true for rollers.

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When you need a bigger job than your cabinetry, our team at Premier Coach Works is here for you. We offer a wide variety of custom body paint work, including complete refinishing services, gel coat discoloration repair, custom painted stripes and graphics, spot refinish work, RV striping, and much more. Contact us to see our portfolio and schedule an appointment.