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RV insurance, Do I Need RV Insurance When Storing the RV?

Do I Need RV Insurance When Storing the RV?

Most RV owners are aware that they need some type of RV insurance before they hit the road for their first adventure. In fact, you might find yourself needing more insurance coverage with your RV than you do with your daily vehicle. For example, you might consider adding on theft insurance to your full coverage.

But while most people know they need recreational vehicle insurance while on the road and during the months they are actively using it, one question we often get is whether RV insurance is needed when the vehicle is being stored.

Do I Need RV Insurance When Storing My RV?

Long-term RV storage is a great choice for RVers who choose not to do year-round travel. Some people who have space to do it on their property may try to make a storage system work at their home, but for many, this isn’t really feasible. Most people lack the proper garage or paved storage area to safely secure their RV out of the way. And where people may have the physical space, HOAs or other authorities may not permit it at all. As such, one of the best solutions available for those who need to leave their RV for a season or longer is to lock it up at an appropriate long-term storage facility.

If you are storing your RV on your own property, then you will need to look at your homeowner’s insurance policies as well as your RV policies. If you take away your RV insurance, will your homeowner’s insurance cover a theft or fire that happens within your RV? Some might offer something like umbrella insurance, but for comprehensive coverage, you will need to get a special policy that suspects collision and liability coverage will still protect your RV from potential scenarios like fire, theft, and storm damages.

If you choose to store your RV at a long-term facility, then you will want to check their policies. Some places include full liability protection for all vehicles stored on their premises while others will require you to have your own insurance or some may have no policy preference.

Before You Store, Get Your RV Checked Over

Long-term storage is fantastic for those with busy lives, but it is important not to let your RV go into storage with any issues. Contact us today to get your RV checked out and ready to go!