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Don’t Let Your Teen Drive Until They Know These 5 Rules

Phoenix is home to many teen drivers that are, like most teenagers across the country, eager and inexperienced on the road. However, this combination of inexperience and enthusiasm can be dangerous and expensive without proper training. As a leading Phoenix auto paint shop, we see many vehicles involved in collision accidents throughout Arizona. Premier Coach Works wants to help your teen navigate the road safely. Here are the top five car rules every teen should know before getting behind the wheel.

Weekly Car Maintenance Check-Ups

Before any driver can go with the flow of traffic on Phoenix roads, they need to make sure their vehicle is ready. Have your teen driver check the following:

  1. Air pressure – do the tires have the right amount of air to support the vehicle and maintain a steady course at high speeds? Tell them to also check the tire’s condition – are there any cracks or air bubble bulges that could compromise the tire’s integrity?
  2. Oil and coolant levels – Are the levels of coolant and oil sufficient? Is the oil still clean, or does it need to be changed? Provide your teen with service records and recommended manufacturer guidelines for when the vehicle should be taken to your local auto shop for more comprehensive mechanical maintenance.
  3. Steady and Blinker Light Check – are all the lights functioning? Turn on the hazards to make sure the turn signals work, and check all the low beams and high beams. Make sure the brakes work on a weekly basis. Remind your teen driver that they can be pulled over and cited for non-working lights.
  4. Windshield Wipers – This test does not need to be done weekly, but it is often overlooked until it’s a rainy day. Check for any cracks or bent rubber. Spray windshield wiper fluid and test the wipers. If they don’t clear the moisture, it’s time to replace them before a rainstorm hits while the car is on the road.

Speeding Consequences

Teens learn by example, so watch your speed when they’re with you. Teach them the consequences both the law and your household has on speeding. Speeding tickets are costly and often come with inconveniences such as traffic school, higher insurance premiums and, in extreme cases, jail time.

Tobacco/Drug/Marijuana/Alcohol Free Zones

Emphasize that the vehicle is a tobacco, drug and alcohol-free zone. Simply put, these are all driving distractions and hazards that can lead to very serious teen driver accidents. They can also come with very high price tags from DUI, DWI tickets, court time, medical care, auto body work from collisions, and much more!

Seatbelt Protection

Seatbelts are a must for every vehicle occupant, but teens often like to disregard this rule. According to the CDC, nearly 55 percent of teens in fatal automobile crashes in 2012 were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Those results were from a national study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Insurance and Accident Procedures

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Monitor your teen driver’s auto insurance payments and coverage to make sure your teen is always covered every time they drive. Not only is it expensive to drive without adequate insurance, but it’s also illegal in Arizona. Be clear in your insurance requirements for your teen driver. Explain its importance and where to find appropriate documents. Show them where to look if they need to report an accident claim.

Walk them through a sample accident scenario and have them practice what to do. Lerner & Rowe has an easily memorable guide of car accident procedures, and local auto accident attorneys, Breyer Law, cover many other frequently asked questions about auto accidents Phoenix. Handy Tip: Choose an auto accident lawyer and collision auto body shop in advance to help ease the stress of shopping around if your teen driver is an accident.

Raising teen drivers can be stressful, but they have to start somewhere to become experienced and independent. We hope you found this guide helpful to prevent serious teen accidents.

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