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3 Common El Mirage Auto Body Repair Problems We Fix

Cars, trucks, and RVs are all wonderful machines that save us hours in travel time compared to the transportation of yesteryear. They also make traveling more comfortable and independent when compared to public transport. The problem is that they need upkeep; regular maintenance at a local El Mirage auto body repair and service shop to keep them in good shape to take you wherever you need to go.

In fact, a lot of the work we do as an El Mirage auto body repair shop is either full-on preventative maintenance or resolutions to common automobile problems. It is important to seek a technician’s assistance whenever you experience your vehicle acting abnormally. A quick resolution can prevent the problem from becoming significantly worse (and more expensive to repair). Here is a look at some of the most common problems we see as a local El Mirage auto body repair shop:

3 Common Auto Body Repair Problems We Fix

  1. Shaking steering wheel. A shaking steering wheel is a common problem for vehicles of all types and ages. If the steering wheel shakes immediately after starting, the root cause of this problem is often a damaged or incorrectly aligned suspension system or bad wheel bearings. If the shakes occur only after you reach high speeds, then all you may need is a quick wheel alignment.
  2. Vehicle is constantly too low on oil. This is a particularly common problem for RV owners. An engine that constantly requires oil, with the oil light turning on regularly, is likely due to a blockage in the oil filter or an engine leak. Both are services our auto body team can readily resolve.
  3. Brakes start squeaking or grinding. The brake system in your vehicle will wear out just like any other component. The more you drive in rainy conditions or up and down hills, the more quickly brake pads will wear out. Squeaking and grinding brakes are most commonly caused by brakes that need replacing or, at the very least, need to be reset.

Are you experiencing any of the above problems in your vehicle? Or do you have another issue you need fixing? If so, let our El Mirage auto body repair shop be your local mechanic shop. Contact us today to get started.