Four RV Upgrades You'll Want to Have

Four RV Upgrades You’ll Want to Have

Looking to spruce up your ride a bit? If you spend more than the occasional weekend in your RV, here are four upgrades you’ll definitely want to get.

1. Interior Upgrades

If your RV is going to serve as your “home away from home,” why not make it as much like home as possible with these upgrades?

  • Flooring. Upgraded flooring options, such as plush carpet, luxury vinyl plank flooring or ceramic tile, can add comfort and style to your RV.
  • Television. If you’re still watching your favorite programs on an old-style tube TV, it’s time to move up to flat-screen HDTV. Lighter and safer than tube TVs, HDTVs are relatively easy to install, and you can’t beat the picture quality.
  • Furniture. Being on the road doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable. Upgrades such as leather-upholstered reclining chairs, tri-fold couches for additional sleeping room, and rich wood grain cabinets add a touch of class to any RV.

2. Diamond Shield Paint Protection

Vinyl RV bras provide important protection to the front of your RV. But let’s face it, most of them are cumbersome and take up valuable storage space. You can keep your RV exterior protected and looking good with a Diamond Shield “clear bra” protector to prevent major chipping and paint damage while on the road. The Diamond Shield will also help avoid the need for costly repair and paintwork in the long run.

3. Backup Camera System

Even experienced RV drivers can have a hard time with wide turns, blind spots and backing into narrow camping pads. If you have a large RV or trailer, you’ll want to get a backup camera. They improve safety on the road and in the campsite, and they come in hard wire and wireless versions. Look for a wide field of view (at least 90 degrees), night vision, and protection from interference with wireless models.

4. Wi-Fi Booster

These days, most campsites offer Wi-Fi access, but you can’t always count on the reliability of the connection. If you want to stay connected while on the road, an RV Wi-Fi booster is definitely the way to go. You don’t have to be an experienced “techie” to install one, and they don’t have to be situated right next to the router. Simply identify the location of the existing Wi-Fi network in the campsite and point your antenna in that direction. Then hook your antenna to the booster and start connecting with a stronger signal.

If you need help installing any of your RV upgrades, call Premier Coach Works at 623-935-6678. We’ll be happy to lend a hand!