Professional Auto color match Painters

How Accurate is Paint Match Technology?

When you buy a vehicle fresh off the manufacturing dock, they are shiny and look like they can get through any type of condition. But then reality sets in. Wear and tear from exposure to the elements and damage from accidents are often grounds for needing a paint job. Regardless of how any injury to your paint occurred, there is a science that goes into making sure the new paint perfectly matches your vehicle’s original tone.

Matching auto paint is complicated, in part, because vehicle paint is composed of resin, pigment and solvent. Some paint tones may also be altered when the clear finish is applied to protect the paint from the elements, such as abundant sun or acidic water.

Automotive paint matching used to be done with color sheets with certain codes released by the manufacturer with your vehicle’s model number and date of release. This method is outdated because even when the color looks like it matches, how it is printed on paper is different than how it is composed and applied to a vehicle.

This is why you should not be fooled by the abundance of auto paint shops throughout Phoenix. Only a handful of them perform high-quality and ethical work. The use of new technology and products help the ethical auto body shops achieve a truer match to a vehicle’s original or existing paint finish.

At Premier Coach Works, for example, we can guarantee your original color matching because we use advanced paint systems, and our automotive technicians are certified in high-tech painting techniques to ensure your paint job is done accurately and comes out looking factory-new! In some cases, we can even get the paint straight from the manufacturer’s factory!

Today’s paint technology involves high-tech computer programs, pigment scanners, in-house paint mixing and high-performance paint sprayers. All of these elements together help ensure your vehicle will look like new and be restored to its original beauty.

You will be pleased to know that the auto body technicians at Premier Coach Works are certified in high-quality paint programs and application from I-CAR and PPG. Both of these are reputable industry leaders in high-tech applications of auto body restoration and paint finishing.

Getting your vehicle repaired from a collision or just getting a refresh of paint does not have to be a headache, and you can be rest assured that the ethical professionals at Premier Coach Works will keep you informed on your vehicle’s status throughout the entire servicing.

High-performing technology and science is the bread and butter of Premier Coach Works. We are OEM certified to repair vehicles and use top-of-the-line materials to ensure your auto restoration of body and paint are high-quality. If you still have questions about our repair process, feel free to call the shop at 623.935.6678 or send us an online form!