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How to Choose an Auto Body Shop after an Accident

Car accidents happen. That’s just an unfortunate side effect of sharing the road with a multitude of commuters. The aftermath of a car accident can be a stressful and inconvenient ordeal, especially if you have to deal with insurance companies and the cost of repairs, but it’s something that has to be done. Whether it is just a little scrape of the paint job, or a serious collision requiring major repairs, the road to recovery doesn’t have to be as hazardous as your typical five o’clock traffic jams. Here are a few key details to look into when choosing an auto body shop to do quality work on your vehicle.


Insurance Direct Repair Programs

Typically, your insurance provider will have a list of body shops they trust, work with regularly, and recommend through a Direct Repair Program (DRP), but maybe you want to find something closer to work or home, or your insurance provider hasn’t given you a location to go to yet. If you take the route of seeking a body shop on your own, make sure they accept your car insurance. And of course, immediately follow up with your insurance agent to confirm. A good body shop will be up front about who they accept and should have a system in place for working with them on your claim. Premier Coach Works, for example, is approved by Nationwide, Allied, the Hartford, Progressive, GMAC, National General, AIG Insurance, ANPAC, American Family, Amica, California Casualty, Bristol West, Farm Bureau, Farmers, Foremost, Titan, Victoria, Pekin, Permanent General, Sentry, USAA RV, Wheels Fleet, and more!



Original Equipment Manufacturer Certifications

With the successful release of the new 2015 Ford F-150 touting an all-aluminum body and several other truck manufacturers following Ford’s example, the market is going to see more and more of this technology. Aluminum is a strong and very light-weight metal that is being used to increase gas mileage in accordance with government manufacturing initiatives. However, this means auto body repair facilities will need different equipment and techniques in repairing aluminum versus the typical steel bodies and frames. And in order to properly repair aluminum the auto body shop should be OEM certified and have the correct equipment and space to do so. Premier Coach Works recently earned its OEM certification from Chrysler, Dodge, Ram Truck, Ford, Nissan, & Honda, and so will be prepared for newer vehicles using newer materials. Whatever vehicle type you have, ask the body shop if they’re OEM certified before sending in your car for repairs.


On-Going Training and Re-Certification

Not only is it important to see if your auto body repair shop is certified, you may also want to ask if they provide on-going training for their technicians and are current on re-certifications. For any decent shop to stay in business they will need to stay ahead of the curve and up to date with changes and technological advancements in the auto industry. Shops that are Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Repair (I-CAR) certified work closely with manufacturers to develop training and professional techniques to repair the vehicle to the OEM’s standards. The manufacturer knows best how their vehicles should be fixed, and you can’t go wrong with manufacturer approved training. Look for the I-CAR, ASI, and of course the OEM certifications at the body shop.


Right Tools for the Job

Did you know that a bad welding job can later cause rust contamination? Did you know that a bent body frame that isn’t properly corrected causes alignment issues and uneven wear in the shocks and suspension, among other issues? Although these issues are not an immediate problem to operating your vehicle, in the long run they will become costly repairs, or devalue the vehicle should you decide to sell it. To avoid these problems it is imperative that your auto body repair shop fix your car properly the first time, and to do that they need the right equipment. Inquire if they have squeeze type resistance spot welders to reproduce original welds, frame straightening equipment, or three dimensional frame measuring equipment. Premier Coach Works is fully equipped with the right equipment to fix your vehicle the right way the first time.


Wherever you end up taking your vehicle for repairs, make sure to ask these questions, look at their certifications, ask to tour their repair facility and inspect current repair jobs in progress to verify their equipment and ability to perform repairs. Check customer reviews online and with the Better Business Bureau.

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