thanksgiving in your rv

How To Make Thanksgiving In Your RV Possible

Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to hit the road in your RV. With a little planning and ingenuity, you can enjoy a full Thanksgiving meal just like at home.

Cooking the Turkey

No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without the turkey, but most good-sized turkeys won’t fit in small RV ovens. Fear not – there are many different ways to cook a turkey in your RV:
• Buy a smaller turkey to fit in the oven
• Cut a bigger bird into smaller pieces
• If you need a lot of turkey, cook two smaller ones rather than one big one

If your RV has a stove top but no oven, try a large pressure cooker. Or, take the cooking outside. Bringing your own portable propane grill offers one easy option. Plus, many parks offer grills large enough to cook a good-sized turkey. For something different, try a turkey fryer that runs on propane. If you’ve never had deep-fried turkey, you’re in for a treat!

If all else fails, you can always buy a pre-cooked turkey at the local supermarket.

Serving the Side Dishes

Although RV kitchens aren’t ideal for making mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and all the other traditional side dishes, it can be done. The easiest solution is to prepare the dishes at home, keep them frozen, and warm them up on your RV stove top or in the microwave.
If you prefer freshly cooked side dishes, a Crockpot offers another convenient way to cook them and keep them warm. You can also use a grill – yours or the campsite’s – to cook yams, vegetables and even mashed potatoes. For those who prefer speed and convenience over a made-from-scratch taste, opting for instant potatoes, stuffing and other sides can have everything ready in minutes.

Preparing the Pie for Dessert

There are few things more enjoyable than the tantalizing aroma of an apple pie wafting from the oven. However, unless you enjoy spending hours in the kitchen, this is one area probably better left to the pros.

Home-made pies require a lot of time and space to prepare, and many RV kitchens don’t have the room to handle it. The best option is to bake at home or purchase a fresh-baked pie at the nearest market. These can easily be reheated in the oven after cooking the turkey or in your RV’s microwave.

If you’re willing to break from tradition, use a Dutch oven over the campfire to prepare apple crisps or other tantalizing treats, such as cookies. Toss in a scoop of vanilla ice cream from your RV freezer and people will forget about having a slice of pie.

Decorating the Table

Making the table a festive place to eat is a large part of the Thanksgiving experience. With the limited space in most RVs, it can be hard to match what you typically do at home. But you can still add a touch of the holidays with Thanksgiving-themed tablecloths, place mats, napkins, candles and other small decorations.


To maximize space at the table, serve your dinner buffet style, with the various dishes laid out on kitchen countertops. If the weather cooperates, consider taking your dinner outside. Campsite picnic tables or your own folding tables can offer ample room to create a festive environment.

Be sure to pack all the different utensils needed to prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner. A don’t forget to bring plenty of containers to hold the leftovers. Once you discover how much fun Thanksgiving dinner in an RV can be, it may become a family tradition!