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How to (Really) Remedy That Paint Scratch, Nick or Ding


It happens to everybody’s car. We’re talking about those annoying paint scratches, dings, chips and cracks. In most cases, if left untreated, a paint scratch can cause a much bigger and more costly annoyance in the future.

Let the auto body repair shop experts at Premier Coach Works explain how a paint scratch really affects your beloved vehicle. Once the topmost layer of auto body paint experiences a scratch, it exposes the entire panel to further damage. Depending on how deep the paint scratch goes, it can leave room for rust, paint peeling or fading, peeling of the protective layer, and more.

When a vehicle gets painted, the very base metal is sanded and primed for paint. Then it gets sealed with an outer coating that helps protect the paint layer from damage, whether it is sunlight exposure or minor abrasions from dust or frost.


Why You Should Leave Paint Scratch Repair to the Pros

Before you take the knee-jerk reaction of rushing out for DIY remedies for that paint scratch or parking lot door ding, please realize that your DIY efforts may not solve the problem. In fact, they often make it worse. Some of the things that can go wrong with DIY paint scratch repair include:

  • Damage from airborne dirt and debris. Most DYI paint scratch fixes take place at home, in the driveway or garage. While convenient, this environment can expose your vehicle to dust, dirt and other airborne debris that can settle on the scratched area you’re trying to repair. Even a small amount of dust or dirt can ruin the paint job, causing you to start all over. In contrast, professional auto body shop experts typically perform their paint scratch repairs in an environment where the air is filtered. This prevents dust from collecting on the car and ensures the best-looking repairs.
  • Incorrect sanding. One of the most important aspects of paint scratch repair is properly sanding the area so that the new paint goes on smoothly. Even with small paint scratches, this can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. If you use the wrong type of sandpaper or the wrong grit, it can end up creating more damage to the car. Over-sanding can weaken the car’s metal body, while under-sanding can make it difficult for the new paint to adhere to the body. Unless you have plenty of experience in sanding auto body paint scratches, the outcome probably won’t look as good as a professional job.
  • Paint color mismatch. Another common mistake with DIY paint scratch repair is getting the paint color wrong. In today’s auto environment, there are literally hundreds of different auto paint shades and hues. If you try to “eyeball” the paint color, it can be very difficult to determine the exact match for your car. In addition, cars with custom paint colors usually require mixing different paints to achieve the right color. That’s why paint scratch repair professionals using computerized paint matching techniques to ensure they get a perfect match.


We Fix Paint Scratches Right the First Time

Fortunately, the auto paint experts at Premier Coach Works can assess the damage and provide the appropriate paint scratch services in a cost-effective manner.

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Unlike some auto body shops, we have the experience and expertise to deal with superficial paint scratches, deep scratches, and severe damage, which includes dents, cracks and chips. Superficial paint scratches often only require a paint technician to buff out the area to remove the scratch and ensure the buffer marks do not otherwise ruin the paint’s finish for other areas within the panel. With today’s computerized paint-match technology, it’s easy for our auto body technicians to get you a like-new finish to your vehicle!

Deep paint scratches, however, require more effort. In these types of scenarios, our paint experts will buff out the entire area of the panel as well as sand it out. They will apply filler where necessary, and then repaint the surface with the desired paint tone. We also take care of the topmost finish to ensure it matches the rest of your vehicle’s body.

Dents, cracks and chips are breeding grounds for rust, sun damage, paint and finish peeling, and more. Depending on your climate and weather conditions, these effects can be expedited if not remedied quickly. It is highly recommended you take your vehicle to a certified collision repair shop to repair these types of damages because they often include several panels of work to ensure that your vehicle is restored to its original state. While the process is similar to that of deep scratches, it depends on the severity of the damage as to what needs to be done for restoration. Our auto body inspectors will detail all the work that needs to be done.


Premier Coach Works services the entire Valley of the Sun as an expert auto body repair shop. No problem is too big for our technicians to handle, and we handle all makes of vehicles, including classic cars, RVs and commercial fleet vehicles. If you would like to get a first or second opinion by our vehicle experts, get started on your quote today!