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Importance of Choosing A Qualified Shop After A Collision

If your RV or car has been damaged in a collision it’s important to take it to a repair shop that can do three things:

  1. Identify all the damage to your vehicle
  2. Fix it right the first time
  3. Restore your vehicle to safe operating condition

In other words, you need a qualified shop that has the knowledge, tools and experienced technicians to properly perform the needed repairs. However, there’s more to being a qualified shop that just having well-trained people and the right equipment.

Today’s vehicles all have onboard computers that track engine performance. These computers perform two important functions. They alert you (the owner/driver) to potential problems using the well-known “check engine” light on the dashboard. They also enable mechanics to quickly and properly diagnose what needs to be repaired simply by hooking up to the computer and performing a scan of all engine functions.

This diagnostic scanning saves time, reduces the cost of the repairs and ensures all problems are identified and fixed. It can also identify upcoming maintenance that needs to be performed in order to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Don’t Rely on the Dashboard Light

Currently, many collision repair shops are in the habit of using the presence or absence of the dashboard light as a diagnostic indicator when making post-collision repair decisions. In addition, most insurance companies will refuse to pay for a post-collision scan if the light doesn’t show up on the dash.

Unfortunately, the dash light is not a reliable indicator of post-collision engine problems.

In fact, according to a 2016 study of more than 200 cars repaired at a three-shop maintenance service organization in Montana, less than four percent of the vehicles displayed dash lights that were directly connected to the collision.

Likewise, a body and paint shop in Richmond, Virginia reported that of more than 5,000 cars scanned after collisions, more than 97% did not display a dashboard diagnostic trouble code when they should have. As a result of this anecdotal evidence, an Allstate Insurance director recommended collision repair shops stop relying on the presence or absence of a dash light as a diagnostic indicator.

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Why We Do the Diagnostic Scan

At Premier Coach Works, we believe every vehicle involved in a collision should receive the utmost scrutiny when checking for damage. That’s one reason we’re certified by almost every major vehicle brand to perform post-collision diagnostic scans. It’s also why we have all the proper tools, equipment and trained personnel to do it.

We also perform the scans because it enhances your safety. The last thing we want is for you to drive your RV or car off the lot with an undiagnosed problem. Performing a complete diagnostic scan insures that we don’t overlook anything that could compromise your vehicle’s performance and jeopardize your safety.

Finally, running a post-collision diagnostic scan on your vehicle speeds up the repair process and prevents any surprises once we begin the work. Omitting the scan increases the chances of failing to identify a problem that needs to be fixed until we start the repair work. As a result, you could receive an inaccurate estimate, and the job could end up costing a lot more.

So don’t risk your safety by taking your damaged car to a non-qualified repair shop. You can count on us to conduct a complete scan, identify everything that needs to be fixed and send you off with a vehicle that works the way it should.