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Making Car Maintenance One of Your 2015 Goals

Here at Premier Coach Works in El Mirage, Arizona, we see a large variety of vehicles in many conditions. Since the New Year has just begun, we want to encourage you to keep up with your car maintenance schedule to ensure your valued transportation continues to be just that. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is a great new year’s resolution because regular maintenance ensures your vehicle is in prime running condition for short and long-term use.

Below are some of the general areas of where your vehicle will need monitoring, especially as the vehicle ages:

Oil Changes
Oil change schedules vary per vehicle, but regular oil change intervals are generally highlighted in the vehicle’s manual. The old rule that recommended changing your oil every three thousand miles is no longer valid for most modern vehicles, as today’s technology has resulted in improved engines and better synthetic oil. However, another factor to consider is your driving frequency. If a vehicle is driven more often, it may run down the current oil supply quicker than the occasionally driven vehicle. Climate is another important factor, as your engine may work harder in extreme temperatures or inclement weather.

Tire Air Pressure and Performance Check
Tire pressure monitoring systems inform drivers if air pressure is uneven between tires, or if any tire fall bellows the unsafe pressure preset. No matter your vehicle’s age, there is nothing wrong with quarterly tire pressure checks — especially in climates that see extreme cold or heat. Tire pressure varies in these conditions because of how much the air condenses or contracts within the tire due to temperature flux.

Your local tire shop can also measure the tread, a term that refers to the depth of the rubber grooves that help grip the road in various conditions. Depending on your vehicle, they may recommend tire replacement if the tire tread falls below a certain depth or if the tire is showing extreme wear and tear such as cracks along the side of the tire or any air bulges. All of these are signs of a significant safety risk for you and your passengers.

Exterior Care
Regularly washing and waxing your car is another way to preserve the vehicle exterior. If you have a high-luster paint finish, not getting your vehicle washed on a regular schedule can hurt the exterior protective layer because dust can scratch the surface and penetrate to a deeper layer, thus causing peeling and color fading. Vehicles not housed in a garage or carport can also see more rapid effects of sun damage due to sun exposure. If the paint is exposed to the vehicle’s metal or fiberglass parts, you could see signs of rust, thus increasing your costs for restoration.

Other recommended services for vehicle maintenance include following your vehicle’s guidelines for coolant flush and replacement, battery replacement, fuel system cleaning, transmission fluid flush and replacement and much more. If you are unsure of when these services are due, first consult your vehicle manual, and then talk to your local mechanic.

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