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Making the Most of Your Road Trip: Scenic Destinations in Arizona

Many people agree that one of the best parts about any road trip is the chance to explore and see the world from the comfort of your own vehicle. But most of the roads in Arizona leading to other states, such as the I-10 and the I-17 are flat and boring for the most part. Obviously, these are the routes that are the most traveled, but did you know that there is a federal program that recognizes, preserves and enhances selected historical roads throughout the United States? The National Scenic Byways Program is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and categorizes roads as either All-American Roads or National Scenic Byways based on their archeological, cultural, historic, recreational and scenic qualities. Like National Parks or Preserves, all of these roads are preserved for public viewing and provide excellent scenic opportunities to make your next road trip even better. Arizona is home to five National Scenic Byways, each with their own advantages. Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop has recommendations for your autumn road trip with these two scenic destinations in Arizona.

The first is probably the most well-known. Route 66 is one of the original highway systems running from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. It served as a major path for those who migrated west, especially during the 1930s Dust Bowl. Many of the businesses and towns that were established along the highway have been preserved and are popular tourist attractions. In fact, the town of Radiator Springs from the Pixar movie Cars is based on several Route 66 towns in real life, including Holbrook, Oatman, Flagstaff, Kingman and Peach Springs – all Arizona towns that you can still visit today. We recommend taking Route 66 on your next trip east, as you can easily take Route 66 through Arizona to New Mexico and Texas.

In Eastern Arizona, the Colorado Trail Scenic Byway is unique in that it goes from hot dry canyons to cool lush forests all within a few miles. The trail starts in Clifton, AZ and travels to Springerville[s1]. On this trail, featured scenery includes old copper and silver mines, limestone and sandstone cliffs, and aspen and juniper forests. There are several camping areas along the trail if you would like to stay awhile in your RV, and there are plenty of opportunities to see wildlife such as elk, mule deer, turkey and maybe even a black bear. This area is also home to Arizona’s best fishing spots.

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