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New Year, New RV Resolutions From Your Friendly Auto Body Shop

There’s a new year upon us and with it comes new opportunities and new RV adventures. Whether this will be your first full year as an RV owner or your tenth, there’s always something new to learn about this type of vehicle and travel lifestyle. As an auto body shop, we enjoy meeting RV owners and camping aficionados from across the country (and even sometimes across the continent), and the following are some of the good RV resolutions we’ve learned and are excited to pass on to you:

New Year Means New Resolutions: Tips From Your Friendly Local Auto Body Shop

  • Get out and meet new people. Many of those drawn to the RV lifestyle are introverts at heart and get into that easy and comfortable groove of camping in a more private and secluded manner. Meaning, you go to your campsite with your companions and stay there. However, even the most private of persons can benefit from a little sociality now and again, and campgrounds are an excellent place to meet others. So go on, strike up a conversation at your next campground, invite your neighbors over for coffee or brunch OJ & champagne, or plan out an event. New friends can really transform a campsite experience from good to outstanding.
  • Be conscious about staying in shape. Go beyond just the typical January idea of ‘be healthier’, and consider concrete methods of eating healthier and staying in better shape this year. Staying in shape can be hard when traveling by RV because, similar to above, it’s so easy to get complacent with a certain routine — especially when that routine is to drive to the campsite, set-up, eat, relax, sleep, repeat. This year, make a commitment to stop at least every two hours when driving and enjoy a walk around. Additionally, choose campsites that boast exercise opportunities, such as hiking trails and canoe rentals. Avoid eating while driving and consider meal prepping before trips so that you can enjoy healthier foods and have more time to enjoy the outdoors once you get to your campsite.
  • Travel stress-free with a roadside assistance plan. If you haven’t already, now is the time to join a roadside assistance plan like AAA or Allstate’s Motor Club. Even if your RV is brand-new or you keep it in impeccable shape, there is always the chance of something unexpected and outside your control happening and leaving you stranded. At our auto body shop, we’ve seen everything from the power steering going out on RVs with less than 10,000 miles on them to the most seasoned of drivers running out of fuel. With roadside assistance, help is just a call away to provide you with things like road and towing service, fuel delivery, lockout service and more.

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If you find yourself in an incident without roadside assistance, our auto body shop can also help! We provide towing services as well as accept towing to our repair shop. Call us to learn more.