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Defining Fall Vehicle Maintenance Phoenix’s Way

Vehicle maintenance articles and blogs discussing preparation for the freezing temperatures are quite common lately, but here in Phoenix, we do not have as much to worry about. Generally, it is only when you are traveling to higher elevations that you will need to be prepared for the different weather conditions and how your vehicle can handle them.

Nevertheless, vehicle maintenance is something you should remain consistent with at all times. Freezing temperatures can occur during the coldest of our winter nights, but chances are quite high that you will not have to worry about shoveling snow off your vehicle before your morning commute.

Here are some tips to keep your vehicle’s performance high even in our winters:

1. Tire check!
Because our summer hot temperatures are so severe, your tire pressure changes once those temperatures have gone away. Many of the blown out tires you see on the freeways are because of improper tire pressure balance, which also could be due to the change of temperatures and unkempt maintenance.

Tire balancing also helps keep your tread of the tires even. This is especially helpful during rainstorms to ensure your tires will grip the road evenly and decrease the chance of hydroplaning.

2. Drain, replace and service your fluids
Depending on the type of fluid and the mileage of your vehicle, it is important to stay on top of the different fluid services your vehicle may require. Oil changes are the most frequent with typical changes occurring within the three to four-thousand mile range, or every three months. Radiator and power steering fluids may need topping off now that the heat is not around to evaporate them further. If your vehicle is at an age where complete drainage and replacement of these fluids will optimize your vehicle’s performance, you should definitely get that taken care of.

3. Replace even the smallest details
Windshield wipers are a great example of a small detail of your vehicle that needs replacement due to sun damage and the Phoenix heat. When cracked or ripped, they will not serve you well during our sudden downpours that occur even in the winter.

4. Do a Light Test
Check all your lights and blinkers to make sure they are performing the way they are intended to. This will also help you prevent the risk of being pulled over for safety issues with your vehicle. If any bulbs have burned out, replace them. Your manufacturer’s manual usually provides an easy to follow procedure in the bulb replacement.

Headlight covers are another area of concern for older vehicles because they often get foggy, similar to a cataract in someone’s eye. There are both over-the-counter and DIY remedies to help shine those covers back up for superior headlight performance.

5. Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint
Since frosty nights are still common in Phoenix, you will want to protect your vehicle’s paint coat from any damage from the frost. If for any reason you will be traveling to a region where there is snow, be cautious; the road salt that is used to maintain roads with heavy snowfall can also eat away at your paint job.

There are many products on auto parts stores’ shelves to help you clean and buff up your vehicle. In the case you need paint restoration, ask auto paint professionals to do that for you in order to preserve your vehicle’s coat and shine for years to come!

Vehicle maintenance comes with the territory of vehicle ownership. It is not something that can be avoided and still have excellent results. Take care of the piece of machinery that takes you where you want to go.

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