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Preparing Your RV for summer

With beautiful mountains and scenic landscapes, Arizona is one of the best places in the nation to get off the beaten path with your family in an RV. However preparing for your trip can be cumbersome, and forgetting an essential item can make for a very uncomfortable (and expensive) vacation. That’s why we at Premier Coach Works Auto & RV have compiled some tips for getting ready for you next RV vacation to make sure you are prepared.

Keep these tips handy for preparing your RV for your next trip:

  • Clean the interior of your RV – You never know what has made its way into your camper; make sure to clean up before making it your temporary home.
  • Pack the essentials – Dishes, linens, non-perishable items, plastic bags, safety information, tools, and other daily use items are all things you will want to have while on your trip.
  • Secure drawers and cabinets – Ensure that you won’t have a mess once you get to your destination, and that no one gets injured by a falling object, by purchasing child locks or bungee cords to keep things in place while on the road.
  • Wash your trailer and check the mechanics – Cleaning up the trailer and looking it over for major issues can save a lot of time and trouble down the road.
  • Drain and flush the cooling system, check the battery voltage, and inflate the tires – All of these simple maintenance checks will help to stop possible breakdowns later so that you can have a smooth trip.
  • Make sure you have fresh water and fully charged batteries before you leave – Not being able to charge your electronics or have clean drinking water can not only be inconvenient, but dangerous while camping. Make sure to stock up on water and power before leaving the house.

Finally, it is always a good idea to spend some time in the camper before leaving on your trip. Living in the camper while still at home will help your family remember things that they may have missed in your initial preparation, which will help make sure you have everything you need before you go.

If you find your RV is in need of body work or mechanical service and repair, give us a call at Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop. We will provide you with outstanding service and you will leave feeling good that you gave us a call. For service appointments or questions about our services please call us at: (623) 935-6678.

We hope these tips help make your trip one to remember, happy RVing!