A view of the valley

Protecting your Car from the Blazing Arizona Sun

If you live in the Valley of the Sun, then you know how unforgiving the sun can actually be. With the summers reaching from an average of 95 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun can be very damaging to your car even when you buy high-end paints and waxes. These high temperatures, accompanied with the large amounts of direct sunlight that’s hardly ever blocked by cloud cover, can cause havoc on your interior as well. This will cause your interior to crack, fade and burn your fingertips to the unsuspecting driver grabbing the wheel. Although you won’t be able to prevent the fading, you can make your custom-paint job last as long as possible by following these tips:

Keep your vehicle clean. Many people in Arizona will drive around for weeks anticipating that “monsoon season” means there is going to be rain tomorrow and they don’t need to wash their cars. Wrong, the rain in Arizona will never clean your car for you. There is too much dirt in the air and it will leave water spots all over your car. The only way to avoid this is putting your car in a garage, even covered parking isn’t enough.

Bird droppings are another thing that people neglect to consider when they need to wash their car. People usually wait until the car becomes dirtier before they decide to wash it, but the acidic nature of the bird’s droppings can cause erosion to your new paint job. It’s crucial that you remove any trace of the dropping from your car immediately, especially when you are taking the chance of having it bake in the Arizona sun.

It’s imperative that you wax your car after every wash. This may seem excessive but a good wax will help protect your vehicle’s paint from the constant blowing dirt and the sun’s rays. Having to work the typical 9-5 work week, a car will sit in the sun at least 8 hours a day. On a truly hot day, your car’s exterior can reach up to 180 degrees, so it can use all the help it can get.

Avoid the sun as much as possible. This can seem like an impossible task but if you’re clever enough, you can do it. If you work at a place that has covered parking, they are really doing you a favor. This can actually save years of life to your paint job, as well as your interior. If you can, park in a place where you will receive shade from the harsher afternoon sun. If you don’t mind cleaning your car more often, park under a tree. You could always bring a car cover with you, but that gets tiring fast.

Tinted windows are a must out here in Arizona; it helps reduce heat, glare and the sun’s rays. This is still never enough. You will want to invest in a sunshade as well. Tinting will reduce the effects of the sun, but not stop them. Your dashboard, steering wheel and center console will still deteriorate without a proper sunshade and it will help reduce the interior temperatures of your car. Cracking the windows can also help reduce the interior’s temperature.

If it’s time to get a new custom paint job for your vehicle, check out Premier Coach Works. Our skilled craftsmen only work with the finest paints to ensure that your car is prepared for the Arizona sun. We also do trucks, RV’s, motorcycles and watercrafts. For more information about our paint services, please call us today at 623-935-6678 or check out our website at www.premierbodworks.com