RV collisions is every RV owner’s worst nightmare

You get involved in a collision with another vehicle and now your RV needs extensive repairs. When you crash your RV, a few of your first questions are probably going to include, “Where do I go for quality RV collision repair?” and “What does the process involve?”

The first step is to bring your damaged RV to Premier Coach Works, the #1 RV collision repair shop in the state of Arizona. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your RV and give you a complete collision repair estimate. Most damaged RVs need one or more of the following types of repair work:

  • RV Fiberglass Repairs
  • RV Plumbing Repairs
  • RV Electrical Repairs
  • RV Structual Repairs

As a full-service of RV repair shop, we handle all these RV collision improvements and more! Some of our related repairs to collision damage could include electrical repair to 12v & 110v electrical systems, interior walls and trim, interior flooring and baggage storage compartment trim repair. We also have direct relationships with the RV manufacturers for parts procurement to help expedite parts arrivals.

RV Collision Repair Needed

RV Collision Repair Completed

Premier Coach Works’ RV refinishing services are second to none! We have the ability to custom match colors & match custom graphics color applications!

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My RV Was in A Collision, Can You Fix My Fiberglass?

Yes! In fact, we specialize in RV fiberglass repairs, using special tools and equipment to make fiberglass panels, trim parts, and front and rear caps. With the ability to make fiberglass molds, we also create parts that are not easily accessible on the open market. This reduces the time it takes to fix your RV, while ensuring the replacement parts are of the highest quality.

Some RV owners will attempt their own fiberglass repairs, but these repairs are more complex than they look. We always recommend leaving it to the professionals. Even a small piece of improperly installed fiberglass can lead to water saturation of the underlying wood which threatens the structural integrity of your entire RV.

What Can You Do If My RV Plumbing Was Destroyed During the Collision?

An RV isn’t a home away from home if the plumbing doesn’t work. We repair or replace everything from minor damage to tubes, fittings and water lines to complete overhauls of your entire plumbing system. From shower heads to water holding tanks, we do it all. We can even repair your water filtration system so you always have good-tasting water while on the road.

What Are Premier Coach Works’ RV Collision Repair Capabilities?

When it comes to making RV collision improvements, the skill, experience and expertise of our repair technicians can’t be beat.

Our extensive industry contacts allow us to efficiently source repair parts for those that are damaged beyond repair. But we also have the ability to make custom steel and aluminum panels for any size RV. We have a full inventory of specialized tools used for metal fabricating, cutting, and bending, as well as aluminum tig welders and mig welders for steel. With our high-tech tools and experienced technicians, there’s no RV repair job we can’t handle.

We rebuild damaged compartment doors and fabricate wheel well tubs, which many RV repair shops won’t attempt to do. To ensure your safety we use the reliable Matrix Wand measuring system to measure and verify the structure of every coach we repair.

Quality replacement parts. Experts repairs & friendly customer service. When you need RV collision repairs, why go anywhere else?