Rv Hacks You Cant Live Without

RV Hacks You Can’t Live Without

Recreational vehicles, or RVs, are designed to let people enjoy the great outdoors while still partaking of many of the comforts of home. As experienced RVers will tell you, knowing the right RV hacks can make a huge difference in the amount of fun and comfort you experience on your road trips. Here are nine hacks that no dedicated RV enthusiast should live without.


If your pet likes to ride along in your RV, you will definitely want to get TORUS , an ergonomically designed water bowl from Heyrex that is portable, sturdy and – best of all – won’t spill. Ideal for dogs, cats and other small critters, TORUS provides cool, clean and fresh, carbon-filtered water any time your pet gets thirsty. TORUS is ideal for RV travel because the water level is high enough in the bowl for easy drinking but low enough to minimize splashes. Its soft rubber feet and low profile prevent it from moving around inside your RV, and it also refills itself without requiring batteries!

2. Trucker’s Friend

How many times have you needed a tool when traveling in your RV but couldn’t find one? Manufactured by the Innovation Factory, the Trucker’s Friend is an all-purpose survival tool that provides just about everything you might need in one handy device. Tool configurations include hammer, nail puller, tire twist, pry bar with a “V” slot, and even a curved axe head. Made in the USA with re-sharpenable steel, the Trucker’s Friend is guaranteed for life.

3. RV Backup Camera

Backing up your RV just got a lot easier with the Backup Camera from the Camera Source. A single screen, wireless digital camera, the Backup Camera can be mounted anywhere on your RV, offers amazingly clear day and night vision, and has a range up to 100 meters. Easy to install, the 7” flat-panel monitor comes with an optional sun visor to reduce glare, and has built-in infrared LEDs that allow visibility in zero light conditions. If you pull boats, cars or anything else behind your RV, you’ll love the Backup Camera!

4. Cellular Home Monitoring System.

If you store your RV when not in use, you may worry about damage that can go unseen for long periods of time. With the MarCELL® Home Monitoring System from Sensoredlife, you can remotely monitor your RV for temperature and humidity issues, power loss, or water leaks. MarCELL® uses a low-cost cellular connection to communicate, and plugs into any standard outlet, allowing you to remotely adjust temperature and humidity settings using a PC, tablet or smartphone. Monitor your RV all year round – without paying for another phone line or Internet connection.

5. The Essential Camper’s Sheet

Tired of getting your RV bunk mattresses all dirty and grimy because the sheets keep slipping off? Then get the Essential Camper’s Sheet from rvmattressprotectors.com. A fitted sheet and mattress protector all in one, this soft, non-allergenic protector comes in eight sizes, four different colors, and is designed to snugly fit many different types and sizes of RV beds without slipping off. A must-have item for all RV owners, the Essential Camper’s Sheet provides the shield of a protective mattress cover with the comfort of a fitted sheet in one convenient product.

6. FreshPaper

Want your fresh food to last longer while on long RV camping trips? FreshPaper from Fenugreen.com is a simple, easy-to-use product infused with organic spices that keeps fruit and produce fresh up to four times longer than normal. Simply place a sheet of FreshPaper in your RV refrigerator drawer, a berry carton, or a salad bag and you can enjoy fresh-tasting produce for days at a time. Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, FreshPaper sheets save money, reduce waste, and remain active for up to a month at a time.

7. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

There’s nothing like a good cup of hot java first thing in the morning when camping in your RV. The Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker from Aerobie is a portable coffee system that lets you make great-tasting coffee anywhere. Simply combine your coffee with hot water and let it steep. Then press down on the plunger and the coffee pours right into your cup. The innovative total immersion brewing process makes full-flavored coffee without a bitter taste, and can make one to three cups per minute. Cleanup is fast and easy – simply unscrew the press and wash and rinse in pieces.

8. The Revolution Grill

Even if you have a nice kitchen area in your RV, it never hurts to have an extra grill when cooking large meals. Made by Kenyon, the Revolution Grill is a smokeless and flameless portable grill that can be safely used inside or outside your RV or mobile home using an electrical hookup. Weighing in at only weighs 24 pounds, the Revolution Grill heats up to 600 degrees in only seven minutes, provides 155 square inches of cooking space, and comes with a detachable grate that makes it easy to clean. It’s also easy to store in small spaces, making it an ideal grill for RV enthusiasts.

9. Roadtrippers

Since RVing is all about exploring the great big U.S of A., no list of essential RV hacks would be complete with Roadtrippers, a website/mobile app that helps plan your travel. Compatible with both Android and iOS smart phones and other mobile devices, Roadtrippers provides information on everything from RV campgrounds, to hotels, restaurants, scenic drives, national parks, and more. There’s even a guide to the most strange, offbeat and unusual places to visit in America. With Roadtrippers, it’s as simple as discover, plan and go!


No matter how many awesome RV hacks you may have, the quickest way to ruin a great road trip is to suffer an RV breakdown when you’re miles from anywhere. Whether you need a quick tune-up, some minor or major bodywork, or a complete engine overhaul, come visit us at Premier Coach Works. Our expert technicians will have you back on the road enjoying your RV hacks in no time!