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RV maintenance, RV Maintenance 101: Don’t Forget to Sanitize Your RV Water

RV Maintenance 101: Don’t Forget to Sanitize Your RV Water

Access to clean drinking water is critically important. Even if you prefer bottled water for drinking, you are still likely to use your RV’s fresh water system for cleaning food and preparing meals. There may also come times when you run out of bottled water and you’ll need to use the water available through your RV. When these systems aren’t regularly maintained or are left unused for a while, such as when in storage, bacteria is likely to grow and it can be incredibly harmful to humans and pets. As such, it’s important for every RV owner to properly care and maintain their fresh water system as part of their regular RV maintenance schedule.

RV Maintenance 101: When to Sanitize Your RV Fresh Water System

Sanitizing an RV fresh water system is something that you can do on your own or schedule with a team who offers comprehensive RV maintenance services, such as ours. Just note that if you do it on your own, sanitizing can take up to 12 hours to do, especially on your first time, so start early in the day and make sure to read through the full instructions before getting started.

Also important to know is when to sanitize or have your fresh water system sanitized. Consider the following signs that it’s time for this RV maintenance task:

  • If you notice a stale odor whenever you turn on the faucet.
  • If your RV has been sitting for longer than four weeks.
  • If you hear or read about a water advisory notice in the area where you last filled up your water.
  • If you start using your fresh water system for any purpose, whether it’s rinsing veggies, filling pet water bowls, or for personal drinking.

Also, having your water system sanitized should be done even if you use a high-grade water filter on your faucet or via a container-style system. This is because unless you have a specifically marked high-grade water purifier, the basic water filter system will only remove contaminants like rust and sand. Water filters do not kill bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause you or your pet to get sick.

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