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RV Maintenance 101: Oil Basics

Engine oil is critical to all engines, as it lubricates, cools, seals, cleans, and otherwise protects automotive engines from rust and corrosion. Without engine oil, an engine is apt to seize up and eventually stop operating. As such, a key aspect of RV maintenance is following proper oil change protocols.

What Causes Dirty Engine Oil & When To Replace

Fresh motor oil has the appearance of a light caramel brown or transparent amber. When you see oil this color, you know that it is new and clean. But as the engine oil flushes in and through the engine, doing its lubricating and cleaning, it catches hold of small particulates and it starts heating up. The more you use your vehicle, the more the engine oil gets heated, until eventually, the oil turns to a darker brown or even black color. Sometimes those tiny pieces of grit and metal get caught up in the oil, causing it to turn an even darker shade.

There is a generally accepted rule of thumb that oil changes should be done either after a certain period (generally every three months) or after a certain amount of mileage (generally every 3,000 to 5,000) miles. However, while these are good general rules of thumb, what works best for your RV maintenance plan may differ.

So how do you create an oil change plan based on your needs? First, make a practice of checking your oil dipstick once every two weeks when you’re using your RV. If it still has a light amber appearance and is within the area indicating properly full, then you are in the clear. If however, the oil doesn’t go over the low indention or the oil is a deep brown or black, then it’s time to schedule an oil change.

To create a specific RV maintenance schedule, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your RV. They should include both the type of oil you should use and a mileage schedule for when to bring your RV in for an oil change. Even if you aren’t actively using your RV, you should be changing the oil at least once every year, as it does break down over time.

Schedule Your Next RV Oil Change

One reason to partner with an RV maintenance team like ours at Premier Coach Works is because we can get you on the perfect oil change routine for your vehicle and driving lifestyle. Contact our team today to learn more and schedule your next RV oil change.