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rv paint, Your RV Paint Isn’t Impenetrable! Learn How To Make It Last

Your RV Paint Isn’t Impenetrable! Learn How To Make It Last

Here at Premier Coach Works, we offer full RV painting and custom RV paint jobs. Whatever you want your RV to look like, we can do it. Whether that means a full color change across the exterior or just snappy personal lettering across the front and back that personalizes your RV with a name and home base, we have got you covered.

However, while our paint jobs are quite arguably the best you will find in the Southwest, and while we use some of the highest-quality paint products on the market, they aren’t impenetrable. Regular maintenance and preventive measures will prevent early deterioration. Here’s a look at our best advice on how not to ruin your fresh paint job and how to keep your beautifully painted RV looking great well into the future:

How To Make Your Fresh RV Paint Job Last

  • Park away from the sun. Yes, even so-called sun-proof or UV-proof shouldn’t be trusted to take on all the heat… especially here in Arizona! The sun is a powerful thing and it will eventually cause damage to the gorgeous paint and decals on your RV. The best solution here is to park your RV in a garage whenever it is not in use. The next best solution is to buy an RV cover.
  • Be strategic about your tree parking. The make-do solution for avoiding harsh UV sunlight on the RV is often to park underneath trees. However, while trees can and will protect against the sun, they come with their own set of issues. Leaves, tree sap, and bird droppings are just a few of the things you can expect to fall onto your RV and negatively impact a paint job. Therefore, if you must park under trees, be sure to check the roof and RV sides weekly.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and power buffers. Power buffers are great for fast-cleaning an RV, but they are horrible on the paint itself. Plus, they often require harsh chemicals which can damage or dull the paint by pulling out the pigments that give RV paint that special look. If you really must do a deep clean of your RV’s exterior, consider taking it to professionals like our team.

Give Your RV More Style With a Fresh Paint Job

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