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Premier Coach Works specializes in RV paint jobs, from simple touch-ups to creative artwork and colorful graphics. Regardless of your RV or mobile home paint needs, we have the passion, personnel and extensive RV paint experience to see your project through, from start to finish.

Since RV paint involves the exterior body of your motor home, dings, fender-benders and other imperfections can get in the way. Premier Coach Works can repair your RV’s body before any paint is applied. Beyond general body work, we can also paint your entire RV, including custom paint projects and graphic design, too.

RV Paint Services

  • Computerized Paint Matching
  • Custom Paint Schemes
  • High-Luster Finishing
  • Baking and Curing New Paint
  • Simple Touch-Ups
  • Scratch/Decal Removal
  • Peeling Repair

Premier Coach Works understands complex coating requirements, how RV exterior paint should be applied, and the exact temperature specifications to ensure RV paint sets properly. Our professional shop can custom design your RV paint job with color match that’s no less than perfection!

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  • Custom Paint Job

Call us today to discuss how our custom RV paint services can take your vehicle to the next level.

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Premier Coach Works, A Team of Pros That Can Be Trusted!

When it comes to exterior paint, there are two common errors RV owners tend to make. The first mistake is attempting to paint their RV, without the aid of a proven, professional paint shop. The second blunder is thinking that regular automobile paint jobs are the exact same as RV paint jobs. There is an additional level of quality and care that goes into custom painting your RV that our professional will provide.

Errors can prove to be costly for your RV exterior paint. Here’s why.

Mistake #1 – Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Own RV

Many RV owners try to paint their motorhomes either with friends or by themselves. Painting an RV by yourself sounds good in theory, but the practical application is much tougher than most people realize. Here are just a few things that can go wrong:

  • Abrasives or chemical scrubbers can be used improperly
  • Faulty paint removal can cause more damage and money
  • Use of non-approved substances for weather sealant and waterproof materials
  • Failure to match paint color properly, our color match experts have you covered!
  • Logistics – inability to access roof, unstable surfaces and more
  • Accidental paint application on vents, roof units, slide-out components, etc.

There are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to paint your RV. With professional assistance, you’ll avoid the headaches and mistakes associated with solo paint jobs – and you’ll also save time and money, too!

Mistake #2 – Associating RV Paint with Regular Vehicle Paint

Painting a regular car and painting an RV may sound very similar, but the differences between the two projects are like night and day. Aside from the obvious size contrast, there are some other factors that distinguish RV and automobile paint. Surface prep varies greatly, given that motor homes have an assortment of roof accessories, vents and other unorthodox considerations. RVs are also more temperature-sensitive with paint application. For example, if it’s too warm, the paint may not settle correctly – an error that is bad enough with regular automobiles, but it compounded with an RV.

We understand the differences between cars and motor homes. And we can handle both types of projects. Don’t trust your RV with a shop that deals exclusively with automobile paint projects; bring it to Premier Coach Works, where our experienced staff delivers exceptional results, regardless of your RV paint needs.

The Right Equipment for RV Paint Jobs


Trailer in Paint Facility

Premier Coach Works’ RV Paint Facility

Applying RV exterior paint is a meticulous process. Proper RV painting requires considerable skill, innate knowledge about how RV paint differs from automobile paint, and the experience to account for unforeseen glitches during the paint process.

There’s no substitute for experience – our RV paint team at Premier Coach Works has decades’ worth of skill and know-how – and there’s also no substitute for having the right equipment. Premier Coach Works is one of the few RV paint and repair shops in Arizona with a temperature-controlled, 52-foot RV paint booth. Our booth is designed with the latest climate control features, allowing our team to apply both heating and cooling cycles. This highly specialized process ensures superior paint application for any RV, including yours!

Combine our experienced RV paint professionals with the most advanced climate control techniques, and it’s no wonder why people from all across the southwest trust their RV paint jobs with Premier Coach Works!

Premier Coach Works takes all of the guesswork and hassle out of RV paint jobs. Our Spies Hecker-Certified paint technicians will finish your RV paint job on time and under budget! We’re ready to help you today – give us a call at 623-935-6678, or go to our contact page for more info. Plus, you can fill out online form and get a quote. We accurately estimate any paint job, for any size RV. Thanks for visiting Premier Coach Works, your #1 RV paint shop!

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