Pet Travel Crate

RV Travel Tips for Pet Owners

Whether your RV trip is a simple vacation or a new permanent lifestyle on the road, you wouldn’t leave key members of your family at home or at a kennel! No – you’d bring them along for the ride! Premier Coach Works knows the value of having the entire family, including pets, together. However, long-term trips can be very confusing for your four-legged friends. Here are some tips to consider as you venture out for your vacation or traveling lifestyle with a pet:


Check your insurance policy. Before you take your RV anywhere, be sure your current automotive policy covers your RV. This should already be determined before purchasing the vehicle, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check policy coverage for travel and contingencies.

While you’re speaking with your insurance provider, ask them about pet insurance. Some insurance providers offer pet insurance, and the type of pet you’re traveling with may also hurt your automotive policy in case of liability concerns. In fact, some RV properties restrict certain breeds of dogs because of their property liability insurance conditions.

Pet Emergencies

Prepare for any possible pet emergencies. Before you take off for your long-term trip, be sure to receive a copy of your pet’s vaccination records. Keep your vet’s emergency number handy in case you need quick information about your pet’s previous care.

The Everything About RVing blog also stresses the importance of using the Pet E.R. Guide, which, in their case, came in handy for identifying poisonous plants. While this guide is more geared towards dogs, it has applicable information for cats, birds, guinea pigs and more.

Pet Friendly RV Spaces

Do your research before reserving a space at an RV property. Check about pet restrictions, such as prohibited breeds, pet waste conditions and noise ordinances. Some RV parks are known to immediately evict families due to their dogs’ excessive barking.

Potty Breaks

Travel Potty Breaks - - Shutterstock

Plan for more frequent breaks on the road than usual. Use these stops to ensure your pets walk around and familiarize themselves with the RV as their new home or “safe zone.” Pets may also be nervous for long-term travel, so they are more likely to need to relieve themselves more often. Look for signs like shaking, nervous pacing or increased gas.

RV Pet Training

If this is your pet’s first time on an extended trip, you will want to train them for the difference in lifestyle. We recommend getting your cats and dogs acquainted with a crate prior to leaving so they can establish their scent and learn the crate is a safe place. Include blankets, favorite treats or toys, and even practice feeding them in their crate.

Specifically for cats and dogs, you will also want to invest in harnesses for easy handling. Look for shorter leashes for quick correction and more control around congested areas or roads, but don’t forget to reward them for good behavior too! Here’s a great guide for pet training about hot/safe zones. You may also enjoy this piece about territorial dog training.

No matter how long your travel will last, just do your research before taking off. Prepare yourself and your pet for the long-term trip. Your pet will be thankful you took them along for the ride.


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