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Staying Safe in Construction Zones

Arizona is continuously growing. As the Valley of the Sun becomes more popular to the masses and expands, more construction projects appear to spring up. If you’ve driven a day in Arizona, you know how frustrating it can be for the drivers since there’s construction around every corner. Even the detours have detours! The chances of getting in an auto accident increases quite a bit as Arizona’s cities expands. 10s of thousands of accidents occur every year in construction zones. From read-end crashes, sideswipe collisions and fixed-object collisions, construction zone collisions can be completely avoided if we follow these safety tips:

Being late for work is no excuse to be speeding through a construction zone. Unexpected things can happen like the reducing of traffic lanes, detours or workers on or near the road. The speed limit is reduced for a reason and that reason is speeding is the major cause of construction zone collisions.

It’s important to keep a safe distance between you and whatever is ahead of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a construction vehicle; allow either to have enough space to stop if need be. One of the most common crashes in highway construction zones are rear end collisions. Odds are you’ll reach the end of the construction zone at the same time as the guy in front of you.

Most construction zones have clear and precise signage of where to go to get through the zone safely; this includes the road crew flaggers. The flaggers have the same authority of any other sign on the road and you can be cited by not obeying them.

BE OBSERVANT:When you find yourself having to drive through a construction zone, it is important to stay alert. Changing through your radio stations or using your cell phone should be avoided at all costs. Also watch for signs to merge so you can move over as soon as possible. Driving right up to the end of the lane and just trying to squeeze in may cause some bad blood between you and the driver stuck behind you.

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