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summer road trip, Planning a Summer RV Road Trip? Don’t Forget These Things

Planning a Summer RV Road Trip? Don’t Forget These Things

Are you gearing up and planning out your next summer road trip in the RV? Well, maybe you have already done some online research or have a handy guide that lists out all the RV packing list essentials — things like cutlery and flashlights. These guides are great and wonderful as a list of the key ingredients for a fun and safe summer road trip. However, these lists can also be a bit mundane and feel a bit too on the nose (were you really going to forget the bowls?). So if you’re tired of rolling your eyes at ‘of course I need to pack that’ lists, then we have something different. This is a look at a few of the commonly forgotten things that we find really enhance every summer road trip:

3 Things That Will Enhance Your Next Summer Road Trip

  1. Download music, podcasts, and audiobooks before heading out. No, this is not an advertised post, but Audible is a fantastic service and often offers three-month trial periods that are perfect for summer travelers. With Audible, you and your family can enjoy one free audiobook a month and two original stories to make those long drives a bit more enjoyable. Downloading a podcast series is also a great way to pass the drive. These types of audio programs are entertaining and also encourage conversations once the shows have passed. Just be sure to download the audiobooks, episodes, or music playlists to your devices before you hit the road to prevent expensive data costs.
  2. Go and invest in some new board games. Board games are enjoying a renaissance right now with an exciting array of options to meet all kinds of player interests. We encourage people to go beyond their local box store and Monopoly renditions to find new games best suited for their families. Board games and card games are both a great way to pass the time but, more importantly, like podcasts, they encourage discussion and promote good quality experiences and memories. If you don’t like the competitive aspect of board games, there is the entire niche of cooperative games to explore with your family. With games of this genre, all of the players have to work together to win — making it great for families with children or those who want to promote better gamesmanship. Castle Panic is an outstanding example of a cooperative game built for all-family play.
  3. Extra space. Sometimes it isn’t what you take with you on a summer road trip, it’s what you bring home. Keep your family wardrobe at a minimum and don’t pack all of your kitchen supplies. Instead, leave space so you can buy that souvenir mug from your favorite cafe or for your kids to get a t-shirt from a campground where they took their first pool dive. These items may seem small and touristy, but when you and your family use them after you’ve returned, you’ll evoke those happy road trip memories.

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Don’t forget to get your vehicle serviced before you head out! Contact our team today to schedule an appointment to make sure your next summer road trip goes off without a mechanical hitch!