Women texting while driving with a kid on the side

Texting While Driving

Arizona is only one of three states that have no restrictions in place regarding cellphone use while driving, and so we see so many vehicles come in for repair every day that have been severely damaged because of a driver texting while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2008 that driver distraction was the cause of 16 percent of all fatal crashes — 5,800 people killed — and 21 percent of crashes resulting in an injury — 515,000 people wounded. Most of what qualified as a “driver distraction” was mobile device usage while driving. Cell phones are one of those technologies that we would all probably hesitate to part with, yet our inability to put them away while driving is a dangerous habit that causes many problems.

Clearly, mobile devices are not going away any time soon, which means that the temptation to use these devices while driving is always there. At Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Shop, we specialize in auto collision repair, but we would prefer that if we repair your vehicle, it’s not because you were texting while driving. Here are a few tips for holding yourself accountable when it comes to cellphone use and how to use a mobile device safely in the car if you must use it at all.

  1. Go Hands-Free: Many smartphones and newer vehicles sync together now so that you never have to touch your device while driving. Your text messages can be read aloud through the car speakers and you are able to reply via voice. You can also talk on the phone via a Bluetooth headset and keep your hands on the wheel. Even if your car is too old for this kind of technology, most phones have driving modes that turn text to speech and allow you to control the phone’s functions verbally.
  2. Position your phone where you can easily reach it, but not where it can easily fly around the vehicle in case of a sudden stop or difficult terrain.
  3. Keep conversations short while driving and pull over if you need to look up a phone number or address, take a note or place a call.
  4. Do not even look at your phone in bad weather, in traffic or while in motion.
  5. The best option available is to put the phone out of sight and reach and leave it there until you exit the vehicle. There is nothing so important on your phone that is worth risking your life and the life of those around you.

The key to staying safe on the road lies in being aware of your surroundings and prepared to take action. Cell phone use while driving limits your awareness, even taking your eyes off the road. This means that not only can you not avoid dangerous situations, but also that you have become a dangerous situation for the other drivers to avoid. And if they are on their cell phones as well, things may end very badly.

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