The 10 Most Haunted Roads in the U.S.

The 10 Most Haunted Roads in the U.S.

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. But there are many roads throughout the U.S. that appear to be haunted year-round. If you’re looking for a good fright, cruise down one of these other-worldly roads – if you dare!


1. Clinton Road: West Milford, New Jersey

Many people rate Clinton as the most haunted road in the U.S. Mysterious headlights suddenly appear in your rearview mirror and then vanish into the night. Bizarre mixed-breed animals from a long-abandoned circus supposedly roam the area. If you break down on Clinton Road at night, don’t get out of your car!


2. Haynesville Woods (Route 2A): Aroostook County, Maine

Considered a deathtrap due to numerous fatal accidents, Route 2A is said to be home to wandering apparitions. These include a woman begging for help who suddenly disappears, and a young girl who was killed by an 18-wheeler while walking down the road.

devils promenade

3. The Devil’s Promenade: Hornet, Missouri

This otherwise unassuming stretch of road is known for the “Spooklight,” an eerie green light that shines through the trees after sundown. Supposedly the spirit of two Native American lovers searching for each other, the light can suddenly change color and size.

kelly road

4. Kelly Road: Ohioville, Pennsylvania

This spooky stretch of pavement is rumored to feature wild animals that turn rabid after crossing the road. A local resident also reported seeing the image of a young boy wandering late at night, bathed in an eerie white light.

boy scout lane

5. Boy Scout Lane: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Legend has it that in the 1950’s, a troop leader went insane and murdered a group of boy scouts during an overnight campout. To this day, passersby report seeing young boys wandering the road at night, often covered in blood.

deadmans lane

6. Dead Man’s Curve: Clermont County, Ohio

This road earned its haunted reputation after a group of teenagers died in a gruesome head-on collision. Drivers sometimes report seeing visions of the two cars floating in midair. Others report seeing a faceless hitchhiker standing by the side of the road.

mona lisa drive

7. Mona Lisa Drive: New Orleans

The legend goes that teenage hoodlums destroyed a statue of a young woman who died in a car accident. On dark nights, a wispy vision of “Mona” has been known to approach passing cars, pressing her hands on the windows and softly moaning.

shades of death road

8. Shades of Death Road: Warren County, New Jersey

The name itself is bad enough, but reports of extremely thick fogs and unnaturally bright skies make the road even more chilling. A strange white light is also said to shine on a side road. If the light turns white to red as you gaze at it, your time is up.

archer avenue

9. Archer Avenue: Chicago

This “highway of horror” takes drivers around numerous cemeteries, each with its own spooky tale. Frightening phenomena include ghostly monks, phantom horse riders, and “Resurrection Mary,” an ephemeral hitchhiker seeking a ride at the spot where she was run over 80 years ago.


10. Prospector’s Road: Georgetown, California

You won’t find gold on this haunted road. However, you might see the ghost of a deceased victim of a claim dispute, who suddenly appears out of the bushes imploring you to get off his claim.

If you find yourself on one of these haunted roads, remember that ghosts aren’t real – until you see one!


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