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rv roof repair, The 3 Main Types of RV Roof Repair

The 3 Main Types of RV Roof Repair

Here at Premier Coach Works, we are proud to offer an array of RV repair, maintenance, and upgrade services. These are services all designed to keep or get owners’ part-home, part-vehicle in great shape so they can get back on the road and enjoying the beauty this country has to offer. One such service we are often called about is RV roof repair.

The 3 Main Types of RV Roof Repair

Your RV roof is a critical component of your vehicle. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most exposed components. RV roofs are constantly attracting damage via heavy rain, falling tree debris, scratching branches, heavy UV damage, hail storms, and so much more. These structures take quite the beating! As such, they are one of the areas that need the most frequent attention. In general, there are three main types of RV roof repair RV owners can expect to need over the lifetime of their RV. Those three are:

  1. Applying Sealant. Sealant is one of the easier repairs. For rubber-roofed RVs, we apply the sealant directly to the the entirety of the roof to improve its whole seal.
  2. Resealing Joints. Resealing joints is done on just about any type of RV roof. Here, sealant is applied around extrusions and gaps to prevent water from seeping into the RV or walls. By joints, we mean anything where there was a whole cut into the RV’s roof and an item added, such as an antennae or sunroof.
  3. Patching Holes & Tears. Accidents happen. If you happen to run into a low beam or a low tree branch, there is the risk of creating a hole or tear in the roof of your RV. Our team at Premier Coach Works can patch this hole or tear and return back an RV that is good as new. It is important to get a hole or tear patched as soon as possible to prevent incoming water going from a sudden nuisance to serious water damage.

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