Dog in a luggase for the road trip

Traveling with pets for the holidays

Taking a pet on vacation is a great way to bond. As airline tickets increase in price, and dog owners feel less comfortable boarding their dog, the amount of people taking road trips with their furry best friends has increased. Traveling with a pet by car is still one of the best options available, because it allows you to keep an eye on your animals. Yet, most people forget to look out for their dog’s safety while traveling. These tips from Premier Coach Works RV and Auto Repair are sure to help make your vacation memorable for you and your pet.

Restrain Your Dog
In a recent safety test, only two dog harnesses scored well in terms of safety. In order to ensure maximum safety for your pet in an accident, be sure to choose a harness that offers three points of attachment to the seat, such as the Sleepypod Clickit Utility. In general, it is best to only use a harness on very short car rides. One of the only ways to help your pet remain safe in an accident is to keep them in a crate in the vehicle. While some dogs may be too large to make this possible, smaller dogs will be much safer in a crate during an accident than when being jostled around the interior of a vehicle.

pet_travelTake Breaks
Even if your dog has a bladder the size of a Great Dane, it is still crucial that you stop for potty and water breaks every few hours. Dogs need to stretch their legs even more than you do, and even though they have not been guzzling as much Mountain Dew as you have over the last few hours, they still need a break to use the bathroom.

Watch for Motion Sickness
If your dog shows signs of motion sickness, be sure to consult your vet about a medication to help him relax and keep him from feeling sick. Try to wear him out on every break so that he can sleep peacefully while in the car.

Keep Records
Be sure to bring your dog’s paperwork and keep him current on all vaccinations. If possible, have him micro-chipped and keep a tag with your information on his collar, in case he becomes lost and confused in a strange place. Do not forget to pack food, water, toys and medications. You may even want to purchase pet insurance to protect him while you are on vacation.

Be Prepared
Finally, be aware of dog-friendly hotels on your route. You never know if an emergency will strike and you will need lodgings for your dog wherever you have to stay. Keep a local emergency vet’s number handy in case your dog needs medical assistance. Wherever you end up, remember to clean up any messes your dog makes.

Air and sea travel may be more attractive options than simply driving, but they are more dangerous for your pet. The car allows you to keep an eye on him, but you must also do your part to protect him from the dangers of the road.

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