Arizona Heatwave Car Damage

Types of Arizona Heatwave Car Damage

It’s no secret that Arizona deserts reach high temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during our summer months. After all, the Phoenix metropolitan area is frequently referred to as the “Valley of the Sun.” How does the summer heat really affect your vehicle though? You see it all the time during your daily commute – cars pulled over for a number of reasons including blown out tires, steam or smoke rising from under the hood, or even cars simply abandoned.

At Premier Coach Works, we have several certified automotive technicians who work to restore your vehicle following a collision. Our experts also work on vehicle restoration from old age or lack of maintenance. We know what the summer heat can do to vehicles because we see it every day.


The looking glass of your vehicle is highly susceptible to damage in the sun when not protected as much as possible. A small dent or crack from roadside debris can grow to a large and dangerous crack in extremely high temperatures. Damaged windshields are ticking time bombs just waiting to implode, injuring you and your passengers. We recommend consulting with your insurance company for a certified auto windshield replacement as soon as possible following any damage to the glass. In fact, most full coverage insurance policies offer Phoenix residents free annual auto glass replacement in anticipation of heat damage.

Car Batteries

Local auto parts stores in Arizona know that a large percentage of their battery sales occur during our summer months as the desert heat wears down the efficiency of most automotive batteries. A good rule of thumb is to get the battery life checked before the hottest time of the year. If it falls below industry capacity standards, it’s recommended you purchase a replacement. Car batteries typically run from $100 to $200+, depending on size of vehicle.

Rubber Parts

Heat and rubber do not mix well. The heat dries out rubber components, causing them to crack and break apart. Windshield wipers are one area frequently exposed to the sun, and though the weather is dry for most of the summer, you will need working wipers during monsoon microbursts. Any auto parts store can assess your blade performance and can look up your make and model’s specific blade replacement options to purchase in-store or special order.

Tires, also made out of rubber, are another area of concern. Many tire shops and Phoenix mechanics offer free tire pressure checks to ensure your tires are inflated properly for the higher temperatures. Because the air is hotter, your air pressure is also more inflated than in cooler months. Getting your tires checked frequently during the summer will ensure you’re driving with adequate air pressure to minimize the risk of blowouts. Additionally, most tire and automotive shops will check your tire treads and functionality. They know what to look for in terms of how the rubber is reacting to the hotter temperature, such as cracks in tread or sides, air bubble bulges on tire sides and more.

Paint and Sealant

Whenever possible, park your vehicle under a shaded component or covered garage to protect your vehicle’s paint. Persistent exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can eat through your protective coating, thus causing color fading as well as the finish to crack and peel.

If you are concerned about how the heat has affected your vehicle’s paint job, bring it by our shop and we’ll give you a free restoration quote!

Arizona’s summer heat is no doubt rough on your vehicle, but then again, so is the North East’s blankets of snow during winter months. The key is to watch for warning signs and get your vehicle checked before a major roadside emergency occurs.

Premier Coach Works offers auto body restoration for summer heat and collision impact damage for Valley of the Sun’s residents. We are highly recommended by many local dealerships and insurance companies. We promise you’ll be highly satisfied with our customer service, efficiency and overall service. Call 623.935.6678 to schedule your vehicle evaluation today!