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rv repairs, When You Need Fiberglass RV Repairs, Call the Experts

When You Need Fiberglass RV Repairs, Call the Experts

While there are still some brands building full aluminum RVs, most of the biggest names in the motorhome industry have switched to fiberglass. Fiberglass has come to dominate this industry. Fiberglass is incredibly durable and does not easily bend and dent. This is especially true when you compare the resilience of fiberglass to aluminum. Incredibly, not only is fiberglass more durable, but it is also more lightweight than aluminum. This makes it so that RV manufacturers can build bigger specs and incorporate higher weight limits without having to compromise. It’s a lot of benefits and not a lot of drawbacks.

When You Need Fiberglass RV Repairs, Call the Experts

That said, fiberglass is not impervious to damage. It can become scratched and harder impacts or impacts in less structurally sound parts of the RV can cause denting that will require RV repairs. This is where perhaps the biggest drawback of fiberglass comes into play. Fiberglass RV repairs are tricky and supplies can get expensive. This is why having a reliable RV mechanic with extensive fiberglass experience on-hand is so important. Someone experienced with fiberglass repairs they can get the necessary work done quickly, and at the best price.

What commonly happens with fiberglass RVs is that an accident, small or big, will cause a ding, dent, or another type of damage to a panel. Because of how fiberglass RVs are built, the whole panel will generally need to be replaced. For smaller accidents, you might find tutorials and videos suggesting that the minor scratch or hole can be fixed on your own. Be wary of such advice! Fiberglass requires the mixing of specific compounds at specific measurements in order to create the necessary rigidity. An incorrect mixture or application can and often does result in a weak fix that won’t last long and often has a poor appearance.

Contact Premier Coach Works for Your RV Fiberglass Repairs

In contrast, expert RV mechanics can readily fix your RV’s fiberglass issues, returning the vehicle looking like new. We also can do a fresh paint job so no one would ever suspect damages occurred. Our own mechanic team here at Premier Coach Works has experience with all types of fiberglass repair. This includes filling in small scratches and cracks, reconditioning faded and brittle fiberglass, and repairing or replacing panels damaged in a collision. Contact our team today to learn more about this style of RV repairs or to schedule your motorhome’s next service visit.