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Why You Should Leave Scratch Repair to the Pros

If you’re considering self-repairing a scratch on your car door, you might want to think again. Repairing an auto body scratch looks easy. But unless you know what you’re doing, you may end up causing more damage than the scratch you’re trying to repair.

Here are five good reasons to let the pros repair your scratch:

  1. Scratch repair is not as simple as it looks.

    Today’s cars are built with sophistical materials and paints that require training, knowledge and experience to fix – even when repairing minor damage. If you don’t have experience sanding, buffing and painting a car, you could cause lasting damage to the paint job.

  2. Assessing the amount of damage can be difficult.

    Some scratches are only on the surface, while others go all the way through the clear coat. Determining whether you need a filler material and which type of sealant to apply can be difficult. Professionals know how to properly assess the damage and use the right materials to fix it.

  3. The pros have the right tools.

    auto body paint
    It takes a lot more than a can of paint and some fine sand paper to properly repair a scratch. Auto body repair shops have the right tools and know how to use them to fix all kinds of scratches. Do-it-yourself repairs often cost more to buy the necessary tools than the price of a professional repair job.

  4. Exact paint matching is tough!

    With today’s diverse array of high-tech paints, getting the color right is often the hardest part of the repair process. Professional auto body shops have the ability to mix colors to ensure you get a perfect match with your car’s paint color – even if you have a custom paint job.

  5. The pros get it right the first time.

    Fixing an auto body scratch on your own will invariably take longer and cost more than you think. It may also require several attempts to even get it close to looking right. Auto body professionals can save you time, money and aggravation by fixing it right the first time.

If you don’t have the experience or confidence to fix scratches on your car, bring it into Premier Coach Works today. We’ll repair that scratch for you in no time!