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You’ll Feel Good After Service Work with Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop

What does feeling good have to do with automotive service? Everything!

When you go to get your haircut you want to feel good when you leave the shop or salon; when you get your carpets cleaned you want to feel good when the truck leaves; so why should auto and RV repairs leave you feeling any different? It shouldn’t – and that’s where Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop shines.

Your need for quality body work, mechanical service or RV repair is what brings us together. How you feel after the repair is what keeps you coming back. And better yet, gets us premium reviews on sites such as Google Plus & Yelp.

At Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop, our customer interactions during every step of the repair process are important to us. Our goal is to touch base with our customers at least twice a week to give estimates, status updates or completion notices. Here are a few customer service practices we exhibit daily at Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop:

  • Empathy, we care because you matter
  • Never talk down to a client
  • Always have a good attitude when speaking to a client
  • Always offer help and assistance
  • Explain the repair process
  • Use layman’s terms instead of industry jargon
  • Listen first and then offer solutions
  • Making money ranks behind customer value and complete customer satisfaction

What sets Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop apart is the fact that we ask a lot of questions instead of making assumptions about what you, the customer, wants. We also do our best not to rush you during your time with us. Our staff knows that you have a choice with who you choose to repair your vehicle. It is our greatest endeavor to let you know that by choosing Premier, not only will you get a premium repair for an outstanding value, but also that you will feel good about your decision to allow us to work with your friends and family.

So the next time your vehicle is in need of body work, mechanical service, or RV repair give us a call at Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop. We will provide you with outstanding service and you will leave feeling good that you gave us a call.

For service appointments or questions about our services please call us at: (623) 935-6678

Happy Motoring!

Premier Coach Works Auto & RV Body Shop