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el mirage rv repair, Understanding Your RV’s Waste Water Valves and When to Seek El Mirage RV Repair

Understanding Your RV’s Waste Water Valves and When to Seek El Mirage RV Repair

RVs are fantastic machines in which many are built to be fully self-contained. This makes it possible for handy owners to get to know their set-up and perform maintenance to ensure their RV stays working without issue for as long as possible. However, for even the most ambitious and savvy of RV owners, there is one area where if things go wrong, you should strongly consider calling in for El Mirage RV repair: The waste water valves and tanks.

Understanding Your RV’s Waste Water Valves and When to Seek El Mirage RV Repair

Your RV’s tank valves play a critical role in keeping odor problems to a minimum, preventing nasty clogs, and ensure your holding tanks do their jobs right so that you don’t have to require a big El Mirage RV repair. The two critical tank valves to be aware of are the black tank valve and the greywater tank valve.

  • Black tank valve. Always, always keep your black tank valve closed except for when you are safely and securely dumping your tank. This is critical, because if you even leave it open a little, you risk liquids trickling out and all of the solid waste piling up to create a pile of waste that will eventually cause backups and may even overflow into your RV — thereby requiring truly expensive and extensive El Mirage RV repair.
  • Grey tank valve. This valve is a bit more flexible when it comes to opening and closing it. You should always keep it closed when dry camping, as allowing it to leak or dump onto the land contaminates local watersheds and invites unwanted pests. It’s also illegal in many areas. If, however, you are fully hooked up at a campsite, then leave your gray tank open, as the campsite will have the ability to cleanly and safely dispose of this type of wastewater. In fact, leaving it open is important in these types of spaces, as it helps prevent things like grease from clinging to your tank walls and causing sensor issues.

Care and Maintenance Prevent Potential Issues

The best way to prevent issues with your RV’s wastewater valves it to regularly lubricate the caps to ensure they are capable of keeping a tight seal and opening when necessary without stress. We recommend applying lubricant every time you dump your waste as a solid precautionary method. If you ever find the valves not tightening or you encounter issues like odor or backup, call our El Mirage RV repair team for assistance.