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rv paint, To Add RV Paint or Not? A Look at Painting Over Vinyl & Wood Veneer Interiors

To Add RV Paint or Not? A Look at Painting Over Vinyl & Wood Veneer Interiors

Many RVs, especially older RVs, come with vinyl or wooden veneer interior walls. Such materials are used because they are cost-efficient and easy to maintain. But they don’t always look the best and some may not like how dated they might make the interior feel. As such, you might want to change things up with some RV paint, but it is a good idea to pause first. Take a look at these reasons of when to add RV paint and when not to:

Vinyl & Wood Veneer RV Interiors: When To Add RV Paint & When To Pass

Reasons To Add RV Paint Over Vinyl & Veneer

  • You really want to personalize your RV. Your RV is your second home, maybe even your first home. As such, it makes perfect sense to want to personalize it. This includes adding interior paint that reflects a color more connected with your personality. Fresh paint can also really contemporize an older RV.
  • You want to cover up old stains. If you bought a used RV, then painting the interior might also have an important practical benefit. Older RVs see a lot of use and abuse, old water, smoke, and other stains are unfortunately pretty common. Covering up those stains with a quality coat of paint may be the best solution.

Reasons NOT To Add Paint Over Vinyl & Veneer

  • You want to keep things easy to clean. Remember, vinyl walls are chosen largely because of their easy-to-clean nature. If you have pets, a smoker in the RV, or have something else that might cause stains, then keeping the vinyl unpainted is probably a better choice. You can always replace the vinyl if you still can’t stand the color or texture.
  • Your RV has a ton of tight corners and odd shelving. Sometimes there is a practical reason not to add paint over vinyl and that reason is because painting would be simply too frustrating. Taping around every corner, cabinet, and other wall interruption can be a hassle, which some may prefer to not deal with in the end.

Hire an Expert for the Big Paint Jobs

Remember, you don’t have to do all those big paint jobs yourself. If you’re frustrated with the color of your RV’s exterior or interior but don’t want to do the painting yourself for any reason, our team can help. Contact us today to learn more about our professional painting services.